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Sin – Satan in our nature!

Zechariah 3:1-10

According to the book of Zechariah 3

Vs 1 – Satan is always very strategic in his attacks. The right hand is the right hand of defense; it is the right hand of authority.

Vs 2- Any time the fire of the presence of God goes down, it gives the enemy an opportunity to strike. The fire of the presence of God is your greatest defense against the machinations of satan. You must keep this fire burning at all times.

Vs 3 – Unknown to Joshua, he was clothed with filthy garment when he appeared before the angel of God. It is very easy to accumulate filth; all it takes is to open a small hole. Exodus 28: 1-3 says you must dress in a way that lends dignity to your office. It is our sanctification that makes us peculiar. No sanctification, no manifestation! We are serving a thrice Holy God; without holiness no one shall see God. Sin does not affect God rather it diminishes the sinner. Grace is not a license to sin but an empowerment to overcome sin.

Vs 4 – Jesus intervened. God will overlook our iniquities and beautify us.

Vs 5 – God began to decorate Joshua.

Vs 6-7 – the blessings of purity are immeasurable. Purity is power. If you are sanctified, heaven responds immediately.

Sin beclouds the glory of God and when the glory is no longer there, the enemy attacks. Mark 7:14-23 – what are the things that defile? They are itemized in verses 21-22. Evil thoughts come from sight and sound. The best time to abort sin is at the conception stage.

God has made ample provision for us – Zech 13:1-3 – God has opened a fountain for us for cleansing. One of the ways people become unclean is through unclean spirits and one of the ways they come is through false prophets. The true spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Jesus.

Drop every unclean thing. Learn to be detached. 1 John 1:7-10.


  1. Lord forgive me of every defilement in my heart, in any way that I have entertained evil in my heart, Lord, forgive me, wipe away every stain from my spiritual garment. Create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me. Purify my heart, make me pure, holy & acceptable unto you. In any way that I have been a stumbling block to others, Lord I am sorry, forgive me in the name of Jesus. I enter into the fountain of the blood of Jesus Christ & receive cleansing in Jesus Name.
  2. Anything the enemy has smuggled into my life to bring defeat, I raise the blood of Jesus Christ against you and against any form of contamination in the Name of Jesus.



Prov. 25:4-5

If you don’t understand how defilement works, it will be very difficult for you to walk in dominion. There are forces that specializes in defiling people.

Vs 4 – Dross is accumulated defilement. We are called to be vessels of honor. A vessel of honor must not be tainted.  He must be able to radiate the Glory of God.

Vs 5 – Unless you remove the agents of defilement, your throne will not be established in righteousness. Defilement prevents us from radiating the Glory of God. It makes the sinner to lose the glorious portrait of a victorious man.

Every agent of defilement is a wicked personality.  Anything that do not want your throne to be established is wicked.

Dan. 1:8 – Food can be an agent of defilement. Here the food was dedicated to idols. A child of God must not eat from any altar of idolatry and altars of the children of kedar.  It takes quality decision to deal with defilement. The decision Daniel took was what made him a friend of God forever. Determine not to be defiled if you want to be a friend of heaven. Christianity makes sense only in pursuit of holiness. There is a level of purity no one can attain until you have fire. The only prescription for dross is fire.

Zech. 9:11 – the blood of Jesus Christ is the blood of everlasting covenant. One of the things that enables defilement to operate in the life of people is evil covenants. Every evil covenant gives access to unclean spirits who are agents of defilement. Wherever there is an evil covenant, there is always a dry pit operation and if the person doesn’t break away from such covenants, the pit may eventually become his grave.

1 Cor. 3:16 shows that defilement ultimately leads to destruction. Don’t allow any agent of defilement to operate in your body because your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.


  1. SEX – this is one of the strongest weapons the devil is using to defile humanity. Unless you understand the intricacies, you may fall prey. When a man sleeps with a woman, he collects all the demons in her and the covenant he enters into with her is sealed with blood. Samson only saw a small girl in Delilah, meanwhile she was connected to the gods of the Philistines.
  2. UNCLEAN SPIRITS – they are demons. Anyone who is demonized is unclean. Every demon has three fundamental assignments: to steal; to kill and to destroy.
  3. FALSE PROPHETS – Rev. 13:8 – this is the false prophet that will work hand in hand with the anti-Christ. Rev. 2:20 – the Church allowed a false prophet with the spirit of Jezebel to operate. Those who patronize them collect demons.
  4. DREAM CONTAMINATION – a lot of terrible things happen in the dreams through evil dream transactions.
  5. DEMONIC CATERERS – they come to feed people in order to defile them.

Others are seducing spirits, evil birds, false religion, occultists, satanists, witches & wizards, familiar spirits, worldly music, work of art etc.

Rev.2:27 – No one will enter heaven with defilement. Be purposeful in your heart not to be defiled. Don’t eat swine’s food. Position yourself in such a way that heaven will endorse you. Anyone who is not pursuing purity will not be relevant in the next move of God because the Holy Spirit will not use impure vessels.


  1. Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for the revelation of your word, please sanctify me by your word; your word is truth. Grant me dominion over the forces of defilement. I purpose in my heart never to be defiled in the mighty name of Jesus.
  2. You agents of defilement, I raise the blood of Jesus Christ against you, I declare my eternal dominion over you, I overcome you by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of my testimony in Jesus Name.
  3. I raise the blood of Jesus against you demonic caterers, I hate you, I bind you and cast you into the abyss. I destroy your works and terminate your operations in Jesus mighty name.

(pray the same prayer against seducing spirits, evil birds, false religion, familiar spirits etc.)

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