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On the 3rd Day

And the earth was without form and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters” (Gen 1:2 ).

The world was not only void but formless, shapeless, empty and full of darkness. Everything about the creation story was a re-creation. What brought the earth to this state of formlessness and darkness? It was the devil that destroyed it; he is a destroyer. His mission is to steal, to kill and to destroy. Whatever the devil has damaged in your life will be re-created and restored. For everything the enemy has done, there is a divine solution.

For there to be a re-creation of anything the enemy has damaged, the Holy Spirit must move and brood over as a hen broods over her chicks. The move of the Holy Spirit brings healing, total liberation, colour, beauty, transformation, re-creation and restoration. When we allow Him to move, the Holy Spirit will give us beauty for ashes, He will give us songs, form, order, peace, joy; He will restore taste and give us reasons to glorify Him. It is time for us to enthrone the Holy Spirit and allow Him to move.

There is absolutely nothing the enemy has done that God cannot undo. Partnership with the Holy Spirit is the greatest partnership. God engaged the Holy Spirit and said that it is time to recreate what the enemy has damaged. Notice that the Holy Spirit moved before God began to say, “Let there be”. When the Holy Spirit is at work and you release the word of God, there will be definite transformation. The Word and the Spirit will electrify, beautify, transform and recreate your world. If you follow the move of the Spirit, you will not miss heaven.

Acts 1:8 – You can only become an effective witness after the Holy Spirit has come upon you. Note that your number one mission field is your heart. You must get it right from there; that is the first place where the Holy Spirit must move. Thereafter, the Holy Spirit must move in your home, which is your Jerusalem. Acts 2:1-4 – if you want to see the move of the Holy Spirit, there must be unity of purpose.

Three major powers that are vying to control you:

  1. The world around you – Rom. 12:2
  2. The Flesh – Gen. 5:16-17. This is Mr flesh; self-dependent life, self-government. We got it from Adam. The unified intelligence – elevating your will above the will of God.
  3. The devil who is against us. Eph. 6:10-18

Five keys that guarantees the continuous move of the Holy Spirit:

  1. Purity – Matt. 5:8. If Jesus needed to sanctify Himself to fulfil the purpose of God (John 17:19), then, you must sanctify yourself. There is no short cut to the move of the Spirit; God cannot use an unsanctified vessel.
  2. You must thirst; desire. Every thirsty heart shall be satisfied with the river of life. Keep on desiring the Holy Spirit, hunger after the things of God, hunger after the presence of God; anything He uses is enhanced.
  3. Righteousness – Psa. 45:6. If you want to see anointing without measure, make sure you are in right-standing relationship with God at all times. Do not live a life of compromise.
  4. Service – Look out for ways to align yourself with what God is doing. God is not a user-dumper. He uses to bless. Service is a seed that has a generational impact. Anointing grows through service. Acts 10:38.
  5. Prayer – Acts 4:31. If you want to see the move of the Holy Spirit, become an intercessor. When you align with the will of God through intercession, the glory of God will shine through you.




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