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For you to have dominion, you need to learn to celebrate Jesus because Jesus is God’s solution to the problem of sin that made man lose dominion. To the extent of the revelation you have of Jesus Christ to that extent you will be established. The more revelation you have of the person of Jesus, the more you will fall in love with him and that is what determines your spiritual maturity. Spiritual maturity is how much of Christ you have in you; it is Christ in you that is the hope of your glory.

Your connection with the person of Christ is what enables you to cast out demons, that is, your revelational knowledge of Christ. This is what demons dread. When the seven sons of Sceva wanted to cast out demons in the name of Jesus whom Paul preaches, the demons pounced on them and tore them in pieces. Why? They had no relationship with Christ. Relationship is not something you jump at; it is something you develop, you must cultivate it. The closer you come to Christ, the more of Him you will manifest; the more you will fly His banner; the more you will have authority and the more you will have dominion. Your dominion is directly proportional to the amount of revelational knowledge you have of Christ.

There is faith in Christ and there is faith of Christ. Gal 2:20 – the faith of Christ will make you a miracle producing Christian. It is good to celebrate the miracles of Jesus but it is better to be a proof producer. God is calling His Church to start producing fruits. The reason why many people find it difficult to come into the presence of God is because there is no relationship. Any time the things of God no longer excite you or you no longer hunger after the things of God, it means you are spiritually sick. The journey of backsliding begins with a single slide, a misstep.

  1. Jesus, the King. Jer. 31:33-36, Psa. 24:7-10 – Jesus is not only the Lord of lords but the King of kings; the King of glory. Phil 2:9 – every power, everything both visible and invisible is subject to the lordship of Jesus. When a child of God is without this revelation, he will submits to unrighteous authorities. If you know who you are in Christ, you will not sell your birthright for any office or position. Whenever you visit the palace of earthly king (where a lot of things have been buried) and you pull of your shoes in accordance with their tradition, you are automatically bowing and acknowledging that you cannot redeem yourself. In other words, you are entering into a covenant. This is how Christians are stripped of their authority without their knowledge.
  2. Jesus, the Mediator – Jesus is the mediator of the new and better covenant. Heb. 12:24. A mediator is a go-between; he stands between. A lot of problems people go through have to do with covenants. A covenant is an agreement between two or more people, which is binding. If you break a covenant, you will pay dearly for it. Many people break covenants with ease and when the repercussions appear, they fail to trace it to the covenant. The old order of things; the old testament of idolatry in which most of us in Africa are exposed to were enacted even before our birth by our fore fathers. When you have the revelation of Jesus Christ as the Mediator of the new and better covenant, you will be able to break and renounce the covenants. The blood of Jesus is the blood of better covenant. You need to have this revelation in order to severe yourself from evil covenants. Isa. 9:11 is a very powerful scripture in breaking of covenants. Many people suffer until they die because of the presence of evil covenants. You must understand what Jesus has done for you. Many people have blood covenants. You must flee from sexual sins because it is one of the ways through which people enter into blood covenants. Blood covenants cry for blood. Sexual sin is worse than spiritual HIV; a prostitute is a gate of hell. Whenever you engage in sexual sins, you contaminate, contact and contract. You must flee immorality, flee from every appearance of evil. Throw away anything that will make you eat swine’s food. Remember that the Dove must dwell in the clefts of the Rock, in the secret places of the stairs. Where the blood of Jesus is constantly flowing is your dwelling place. Why? You don’t want to be overtly exposed to destiny destroyers. Flee! The best time to abort sin is before it is conceived. If you want your prayer to fly, clean up. Christianity makes sense only within the context of the worship of a holy God. God has something better for you, don’t be an Esau. Break away from anything that is capable of being your banana peel. Break the evil covenants and your miracle will begin to chase you. Don’t simplify things. If your Christianity is not making a person of consolidated character, your Christianity is not deep. A lot of stubborn situations facing Christians today are as a result of evil covenants that are binding. Whenever you break a covenant, you break a hedge. Demons will enter in order to enforce the terms of the covenant.
  3. Jesus, our Advocate – Heb. 7:25. In the courtroom of God, Jesus stands to advocate for us. You must see Jesus pleading your case. Whenever they summon you into covens of darkness, Jesus will appear.
  4. Jesus Christ, our Redeemer – Gal. 3:13. He paid the price. You must learn to appropriate the redemptive ministry of the blood of Jesus in your life regularly. He redeemed us vitally and legally. The essence of redemption is purchase. Jesus entered into the slave market where we were bound, lost and sold because of sin, He paid the ultimate price for our release with His blood and then He took us out of that market and instead of tying us to Himself, He set us free; He released us; so we are no longer slaves, we are no longer strangers or foreigners but fellow citizens with the saints and of the household of God.
  5. Jesus, our Justification – Rom. 4:5. If the enemy comes to bombard your heart with wicked thoughts of condemnation, remind him that it is not by your righteousness that you are saved. It is Christ’s righteousness. Remind him that Jesus has not only redeemed you but has set you free from the penalty of sin, from the presence of the power of sin and as far as the blood of Jesus is concerned, there is no record of sin. This is the meaning of justification.

Mary Magdalene was a woman that placed so much value on what Jesus did for her. How do you value your relationship with Christ? Are you an Esau? Are you a Gehazi? Are you a Martha? Are you a Mary? Mary was a worshipper.


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