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Why is it important to catch the revelation of Jesus Christ? The more revelation of Jesus Christ you have the more dominion you will have. If you want to have dominion over stubborn challenges, increase your revelation of Jesus Christ. Jesus is God solution to the most stubborn challenge addressed by God Himself – the challenge of the fall of man; every challenge is traceable to this single slide (the sin factor). Jesus is the remedy for every malady. The more revelation you have of Jesus, the more you will fall in love with Him. The craziest thing to do is to celebrate what you don’t understand as unbeliever do in their pursuit of happiness. Joy can only be found in your relationship with Jesus; outside of Christ, there is no joy and if you miss Christ, life will become a pursuit after shadows.

These keys will position you. Fall in love with Jesus Christ. Grow in your relationship with Him. Hate what he hates, do what He wants, love what He loves and you will see the resources of heaven made available for your good and the good of your generation. Your life will become so successful and impactful.


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