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No one can grow into maturity who has not fully understood what Christ has done. Knowledge is so important in the word of God that it is mentioned over 100 times in the New Testament alone. It is the truth you know that will make you free. God has given us everything we need in Christ but it takes revelational knowledge to take delivery. To the extent that you are able to take delivery of what God has done, to that extent you will walk in dominion and to that extent you will become a healing agent. One of the shocks that many people will receive in heaven is realization of unutilized capacity and deposits, assets that were not fully utilized. Read Eph. 1:15-23. This prayer centres on knowledge. Knowledge is fundamental, lack of it is ignorance. The difference between success and failure is knowledge.

  1. Eph. 1.21 – We are also built up a holy temple in Christ. If you don’t have this revelation, you will be chasing another temple without knowing that you are a temple. You are not only a temple but a living sacrifice as well as a priest, a royal priesthood. The implication of this is that everything you need to worship God successfully is inside of you. This revelation will help you to be habitation-minded. It will help you not to tangle with wrong people; it is not only in marriage that you should not be unequally yoked. What business has a temple of God with a prostitute who is a gate of hell? You must hate and run away from defilement. You must be mindful of what you eat also. Priests don’t eat anyhow. Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, the responsibility of maintaining the temple is yours. You must realize that you are becoming what you are eating. Wisdom will teach you what and where to eat. A lot of people know only the blessings of being a temple but they don’t know the responsibility. If you don’t know the responsibility, you cannot have the blessing.
  2. Eph. 2.22 – We are built up a habitation of God. We need to change our concept of God from a God that visits. God wants you to be habitation-minded. You are a mobile ark, anywhere you move the Holy Spirit is moving with you. Do you know that the best time you have on earth is the time you spend with God one on one? If you do not have this relationship with Him already, please start now. Habitation mindedness will transform your Christianity. When the dove descended on the Lamb (Jesus), it never left because it found a dwelling place in him. The revelation of God with you will drive away fear; it will make you to begin to connect with God easily.
  3. Eph. 3:12 – In him, we have boldness and access and faith of Christ. There is difference between faith in Christ and faith of Christ. The faith of Christ will fire you up; it will give you boldness and access. Boldness is the language of faith. What your own faith cannot carry, the faith of Christ will get it done.
  4. Eph. 3:20 – Ability to do exceeding abundantly above. The power of God can only be limited by you. The power that works in you is the power that flows through you to work and that power is the same as what is called the anointing. Anointing is the outflowing of the power of God the Holy Spirit through human vessel. The amount of power that flows through you is dependent on you. Anytime you talk about the power of God, it must be infinite. You cannot liquidate God.
  5. Col. 1:16 – All things are created in him – there is an anointing for creation that should flow in the bones of every truly born again Christian. Anointing that creates good things out of nothing. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of creativity. Apostle Peter toiled all night and caught nothing, but after Jesus borrowed his boat, he gave Peter an instruction that produced a net breaking result. The revelation of all things created in him by him through him is that whatever you are looking for, no matter what you have been told, because you are in Christ, you can ask for the creation of that thing. You can order the part and it will be delivered to you. Because you are in him, everything created visible and invisible, must be subject to you.
  6. Col.1:17 – In him, all things consist. He is the center of gravity that pulls things together. Any life without Christ is empty, purposeless and meaningless. It is Christ that gives meaning to life. Comprehensive dominion is impossible without Christ. It can only be achieved by him, in him, through him. As long as you understand this, you should get ready for exploits.
  7. Col.2:10 – We are complete in him. It is only in him that you find completion. There is nothing more to add.
  8. Col. 2:11 – We are circumcised in him. You need to be circumcised spiritually to remove the former body of sin and put on the new man. The former body is Adamic, carnal while the new man is spiritual and celebrates spiritual things.
  9. Col. 2:14 – Ordinances that were against us are blotted out in him. This supernatural blotting out is through the blood of Christ.
  10. Col. 2:16 – In him, we have dominion over principalities. Who are principalities? They can be defined simply as administrators of evil in any locality. Evil is so well structured and networked that there are enforcers everywhere. They have a hierarchy.
  11. Col 2:3 – In him we have all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. Every problem in life is a wisdom issue. Jesus is the embodiment of wisdom and power of God. The omniscient nature of God is in Christ. The wisest people on earth are supposed to be Christians, but are they? They are not because of misplacement of value.
  12. Col. 1:27, 1 Pet. 1:3 – Hope of Glory. Jesus Christ in us is the hope of glory, in him; we have the hope of glory. We have a glorious and lively hope in him. That is the only thing we will leave with. Every departing soul goes with either a lively hope or a dead hope. Lively hope for those who have relationship with Christ and dead hope for those who don’t.
  13. 2 Pet. 1:4 – We are partakers of divine nature in Christ.
  14. Col. 2:9 – In him, we have the fullness of the Godhead bodily. It means wherever you manifest, you are an ambassador of God through Christ.
  15. Col. 3:3 – Our lives are hid with Christ in God.
  16. Phil. 1:11 – We are filled with fruits of righteousness in him. You are not good or bad because of what you do but because of the spirit that is in you. If it is not the Holy Spirit, it is a wrong spirit. It is the spirit you are connected to that will determine what you will produce. If it is not the Holy Spirit, it cannot produce good fruits.
  17. Phil. 4:13 – Through him, we can do all things. Draw strength from him.
  18. Psa. 44:5 – Through him, we shall tread down our enemies.
  19. Rom. 8:37 – We are more than conquerors through him.
  20. 1 John 4:4 – In Christ, greater is he that is in us than he that is in the world.

You must celebrate what Christ has done for you. Fall in love with him over and over again. This is spiritual maturity. Celebrate him.


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