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Luke 10:18, John 12:9. This is the year that the power of the risen Lord will flow through the children of God who are connected, to the extent that many will see the power of God and glorify him. This is how to depopulate hell and there is a special blessing for it. It is part of the blessings of dominion. Jesus is the wisdom and power of God. It is time for us to populate the world with righteousness. The gospel of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ needs to the deployed, the gospel is the power of God unto salvation. In your own Jerusalem, make a list of those who should see Christ in you this year and begin to pray for them. One of the ways to have all your needs met is when you meet the needs of God, God has some needs. Capitalize on every opportunity to witness this year. It is one of the keys of the kingdom for limitless answered prayers. John 15:16. If you want to shine, begin to win souls. Dan. 12:3.

***Rev. 12:11 – For the four thousand years of the Old Testament, satan could appear before God in heaven as the accuser of the brethren and in opposition to them. He had obtained authority over all flesh and only after he was conquered in flesh as the sphere of his authority, could he be cast out forever as the accuser from the court of heaven. Victory over and the casting out of satan could not take place until the righteous demands of the law were perfectly fulfilled. God is serious about his laws/word and he cannot lower the standard. There are demands that need to be fulfilled for any level of blessing. Every inch of the way, everything that was needed to be done had to be fulfilled and Jesus was the fulfilment of it. That is why you must fall in love with him. The sinner must be delivered from the power of the law before he can be delivered from the authority of satan.

You must understand that God hates and judges sin. Sin is missing God’s mark, God’s standard, God’s specification. The soul that sinneth, it shall die. Eze. 18:20. God is absolute and he cannot violate his absoluteness. The righteous demand of God is that it was man that sinned so it is man that must die. How was that going to happen since every man was already contaminated with the sin of Adam? It was a very delicate and almost impossible situation. We need to understand our salvation from this perspective. God could have sent an angel but it was not an angel that sinned, it was man, therefore an angel cannot atone for the sin of man.

To resolve this riddle, God had to send his son to become man to die for man. How is he going to do it without the contamination of sin? The womb of a virgin was required and conception had to take place supernaturally by the power of the Holy Ghost not by the seed of man, which was already corrupted. If you understand your salvation from this perspective, you will put more value on it. This is one of the reasons why the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth is so powerful and anywhere the blood flows, you see the Holy Spirit move; you see the river of life flowing. It is through the death and the shedding of the blood of Jesus Christ that the righteous demands of the law was fulfilled. That is why Jesus kept referring to himself as the son of man. It was only as the son of man that he could die. While on earth, he was one hundred percent man and one hundred percent God.

There is progressive victory, which follows on this first victory. Satan, having been cast down to the earth, the heavenly victory must now be carried out here. Since the accuser of the brethren was cast down to the earth, there was need for comprehensive dominion. What God gave to man in Eden was comprehensive dominion but man handed over this comprehensive dominion to satan because of misplacement of value. Anything that is valuable that you don’t place value on will take a walk from you. Satan wanted to be like the Most High. God said, “let us make man in our image, after our likeness, and let them have dominion … upon the earth”. Gen. 1:26. What satan desired in his heart was what God gave man. God had to banish satan and a third of the angels that supported him from heaven just for entaintaing the thought of being like the Most High

Where the holy blood of the Lamb is sprinkled, there God dwells and satan is put to flight. As from today, have it at the back of your mind that anywhere you release the blood of Jesus Christ, God appears and satan runs. Blood talks about life; the very life of Christ is in that blood. The blood reminds satan of his ultimate defeat.


  1. There can be no victory without conflict. We must recognize that we dwell in an enemy’s territory. Christians tend to forget this. Many times why good people fall prey to the enemy is because they are so good that they think that everybody is like them. The devil can never be a gentleman. A lot of Christians live as if there is no conflict. There is! In fact, it starts from the day you were born.
  2. Victory is through faith. What is faith? Faith is the correct placement of value on your relationship with God. The moment you begin to place value on your relationship with God, you are acting on faith. You will align with God so much that the wisdom and power of God will be revealed through you; the power of God will start flowing through you. You will begin to take the word of God more seriously. Every disobedience is borne out of misplacement of value. How do I appropriate the faith of Christ? Gal. 2:20. As long as I depend on Christ, his faith will carry me.
  3. The victory of faith is in fellowship with the blood of the Lamb. The faith of Christ is the faith of the Lamb. The blood of the Lamb is the overcoming blood. When I release my faith, when I place value on what Christ has done, the blood begins to avail for me and victory is guaranteed. It is not possible to believe in victory over satan by the blood without being myself brought entirely under its power. Once I believe in what the blood has done, the power of what the blood has done will envelop me. Declare this –‘I will have an unbroken experience of victory over satan and his temptations in the mighty name of Jesus’.

He who as a consecrated priest, walks with God, will rule as a conquering king over satan. You are a king and a priest. The word consecration means to be set apart; to be made holy. A priest that has lost his consecration cannot rule as a conquering king over satan. No consecration, no dominion. The greater your consecration, the greater your dominion. You must be a candidate of progressive sanctification if you want to have an unbroken dominion. That is when your decrees will stand as a conquering king. Heaven backs you up and the presence of God will be so manifest that you will become a mobile ark. Kings rule. Where the word of a king is, there is power. We are called to be a kingdom of priests and kings.


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