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TRUTH ABOUT THE ANTICHRIST.            5. He will rule the whole earth for seven years but will only show the fullness of his wickedness in the last three and half years. Rev. 13:5 “And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months”. The good news is that by that time, the Church would have been raptured. His global influence will be made easy through urbanization, globalization, internet, mobile phone, satellite cable TV, fashion, music, The World Bank, control of military powers and one-world religion. I can tell you categorically that everything necessary for the antichrist to operate is in place already. The one-world religion pact has already been signed. All the agents of antichrist are already in strategic positions all over the world. You must know who you are and the spirit leading you; you must know the spirit that you are connected to. The spirit of the antichrist is already at work engineering circumstances to crush the elect, to crush believers and to make believers submit to nonsense. Do not be deceived, you cannot be for Christ and be for an antichrist at the same time. You cannot vote for Christ and for an antichrist. Any vote for an antichrist is a vote against Christ. It is folly to vote for an antichrist and expect Christianity to thrive; it is folly to vote for an antichrist and expect peace or progress. Antichrist is reserved for judgment of the rebellious that is why Christians who will be left behind will go through hell while on earth. Don’t be left behind. The stage is set for the rapture, there is absolutely nothing left. You must love God and hate what God hates if you want to be free from the antics of the antichrist. Anybody that is aligned to the frequency of the antichrist is aligned to hell. Jesus said, “The prince of this world commeth, and hath nothing in me. John 14:30. The Church needs to start teaching people consecration. Faith without holiness will produce fake. Faith without consecration is empty and that is why there is so much nominalism in the Church today. You must say “No” to nonsense. We are called to be light that should shine so that darkness will have no place to hide. Isa. 60:2 says, “For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people …”. The Church should be strong and this is only possible through spiritual encounters. Saul, before he became Apostle Paul, was persecuting the Church but when he had an encounter with Jesus on his way to Damascus, he was completely transformed. Encounter with the Word will make you strong. Until the Word becomes flesh in you, there are some temptations you may not be able to resist.


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