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TRUTH ABOUT THE ANTICHRIST                                          We are also to warn sinners and unserious Churchgoers around us to come to Christ and stay faithful to him so that they can escape the great tribulation under the antichrist. Should they miss the rapture and be here during the reign of the antichrist in the great tribulation, they should receive Christ at that time and remain faithful to him, resolutely refusing to take the mark of the beast – 666. This will most certainly cause them great torments and their very lives but they will rest in the bossom of the Lord shortly after then if they endure to the end. This is a programme that can be avoided. It is easier and better for us to start living rapture-ready than to miss the rapture and undergo the great tribulation with all the torments. However, there is still hope for them if they endure to the end.

Prophecy has advanced. Meanwhile, many people are living as if they are still in Genesis. Take your walk with Jesus Christ very seriously. Don’t be a compromiser. Stay faithful to Christ.


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