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Some years back, I got a telephone call from someone I didn’t know, a desperate lady who asked me to come to my office as she needed to see me urgently. I objected, explaining to her that I had no intention of coming to the office on that particular day but she insisted saying that she was dying. On hearing that, I decided to go and see her despite the fact that it was not convenient for me at all. When I got to the office, I met the woman looking very pale. She told me how she had been very ill and that doctors could not diagnose the nature of her sickness. Eventually, she had an out of body experience and saw her spirit leave her body and travelling at a very high speed, but her destination was not up but down. According to her, at a point, she started hearing screams of people in torment. After a while, she started experiencing serious heat. She knew exactly where she was going; it suddenly dawned on her that she was heading to hell. She mustered all the effort she could and screamed for mercy, calling on Jesus to give her a second chance. At that point, she said she saw her spirit returning and re-entered her body. It was this experience that made her very frantic and in the process, she got my number. I looked at her and asked her if she was holding anybody in unforgiveness. Her countenance immediately changed and she answered in the affirmative, confirming that she was holding her in-law in unforgiveness. I told her that if she is not ready to forgive that person, no matter the prayer I pray for her, it will not be answered. I also asked her if she would love to go back to where she came from (hell). She was very reluctant. I gave her a piece of paper and ask her to go to the next room and make a list of all the people she was holding in unforgiveness while using Psalm 51 to pray. With tears in her eyes, she collected the piece of paper and complied with my instructions. After that, I said a very short prayer for her and she left. Few days later, she was completely whole and restored. Hallelujah!


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