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Heb. 7:8-10, “The Jewish priests, though mortal, received tithes; but we are told that Melchizedek lives on. One might even say Levi himself (the ancestor of all Jewish priests, of all who receive tithes) paid tithes to Melchizedek through Abraham. For although Levi wasn’t even born yet, the seed from which he came was in Abraham when Abraham paid the tithes to Melchizedek.” Whenever you set your heart to embark on a long fast, it is pertinent for you to look into your generational assets and liabilities. When you identify the assets, celebrate God, thank him for them so that they can increase and multiply, remember that thanksgiving is the seed for increase. It is also appropriate for you to look at generational liabilities, when you identify them, don’t sweep them under, bring them to the fore and deal with them so that you don’t hand them down. There are things a wise parent must never hand down to their children. Part of the problems facing many African Christians today are as a result of generational liabilities.

When Abraham paid tithe, the Levites were in his loins and as a result God excluded the Levites from paying tithe. The tithe paid by their Father, Abraham, became their generational asset and generationally, they continued to reap the benefits. Tithes are paid to them but they don’t pay tithe. Jesus, the King of kings, the Lord strong and mighty, is our Melchizedek. Whenever you pay tithe, you are not paying to the pastor but to Melchizedek and our Melchizedek is Jesus. And by so doing, you are destroying the backbone of generational poverty as long as your children key in and serve the God you are serving. If you love your children, begin to build generational assets for them and one of the ways to do so is by paying your tithe. If you are not paying your tithe, you are short changing yourself and creating poverty for your family; you are inadvertently closing their heavens.

When Abraham was paying tithe, he was doing it joyfully without even knowing the repercussion of what he was doing; he never knew that the harvest would be generational. Other generational assets include your worship, your service in God’s kingdom, your prayers and intercession. What are your generational assets? Itemize them and consolidate on them.

Generational liabilities – the greatest generational liability is that of idolatry. Your name can be an asset or a liability; some names can swing doors open while some names can shut even the heavens. God so hates idolatry that he gave an instruction in Deut. 12:1-4 that you shall utterly destroy and overthrow all the altars of idolatry and destroy even their names. Wherever you find idolatry, you will find darkness and every handshake with darkness produces death. Part of the generational liabilities in the Church today is ethnicity. Ethnicity is the idolatry of where you come from.

Many of you before you were born, your great, great, great grand parents had bowed down before idols and committed you to them and had pledged your life to their gods. The pledges and promises made by your grand parents or parents when you were still not born give the enemy legal rights to your life and that is why many times, you stretch out to grab something and those forces suddenly arise and pull you back particularly while you have become a Christian and you have done nothing about breaking the covenants.

In Judges 6:24-26, God told Gideon to go on a very important assignment for him. Gideon accepted and after the initial dialogue with the angels that appeared to him, he then built an altar to God. Gideon was a worshipper of Jehovah. He realized the power of altars and he built an altar. Gideon was already submitting himself to the will of God but God stopped him and told him to first pull down the altar of his father – the altar his father had built to baal. The problem today is syncretism. You are building a brand-new altar to Jehovah but you have not pulled down the altar you built for baal. Gideon could not build an altar for God when his father has built another altar where Gideon had been dedicated. And am sure that God will say the same thing to you today. Whoever you are, go, break down the altars that your fathers had built where you have been dedicated before you can build another altar for God.

The greatest handicap to progressive sanctification today in the Church is partial renunciation.

Acts 19:18-20, “Many of the believers who had been practicing black magic confessed their deeds and brought their incantation books and charms and burned them at a public bonfire … This indicates how deeply the whole area was stirred by God’s message.” These people knew what it meant to do comprehensive separation from liabilities. And why did they do it? You don’t build on old rubbish and expect the foundation to stand. What produced that kind of renunciation was deep repentance borne out of the impact of the word of God. If you are seeking what the world is seeking, it means you are going the direction the world is going which is hell.

The Seven Rs of Family Liberation

  1. Research – don’t rush into it, you must do a thorough research.
  2. Repentance – the research will reveal to you the things that you need to repent of. There are two dimensions to repentance; the first is personal repentance while the second is identificational repentance. You must carry every member of your family along. The repentance must be thorough, deep and heartfelt.
  3. A thorough repentance will produce thorough renunciation. Renunciation means burning the bridge.
  4. Re-dedication – Here, you bring in the word of God which is the power of God unto salvation; preach the gospel and lead people to Christ. This must include the blood of Jesus. This salvation message is what will enable people align to the enthroned spirit of God. They must surrender to the leadership of the Holy Spirit.
  5. Rebuke – you are now qualified to address the demons and they will yield because you are now in Christ.
  6. Restoration – prophetically, you begin to pray for restoration of all the things that were destroyed or diverted – the opportunities, blessings, progress, fruitfulness, wealth and so on.
  7. Rejoice – celebrate a new dawn; thanksgiving is part of this. Do it as the Holy Spirit directs you.

Take note that deliverance is not an event; the deliverance that really sets you free is the one that has become your lifestyle. Anytime you set out to do a major spiritual work, get ready for war because there are some forces that don’t want your fortune to change. Be ready for serious prayers, intercession and declarations. Until Jesus becomes the Lord of all, he is not the Lord at all. Until Jesus becomes the Lord in all, he is not the Lord at all. It takes quality decision to be a good Christian; the more qualitative your decision, the better the fruit it will produce. Superficial Christianity will not take you far.

Enumerate your spiritual generational assets and thank God for each and every one of them, build on them; also look at your spiritual liabilities and deal with them accordingly.


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