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Verse 5 – “For they that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh; but they that are after the Spirit the things of the Spirit.” What do you really mind? You need more grace to be focused on the things of the spirit because that is where life is. This life is the real life; the very life of God which is called ‘Zoe’ in Greek. You can be a carrier of this life to the extent that when death sees you, it will evaporate. When you declare life, there will be life, everything you touch will be enlivened. Whatever the enemy has done will be undone. The grace of God will be so revealed and powerful in your life that no power will be able to project any agent of death where you operate. Above all, God will use you mightily as a healing agent. Pray –

Verse 6 – “For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.” Pray –

From these scriptures, you can see a correlation between the Holy Spirit and life. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of life so when you are spiritually minded, you are a carrier of life. That is how to have dominion over death. There is a river that every true child of God is carrying inside of them, it is called the River of Life. That river of life makes you fruitful, it terminates barrenness in all its ramification. Barrenness is not limited to not having children. The barren fig tree did not have fruits. Barrenness is living a life that is not bearing fruit; it means unproductive. Many people don’t have fruits to show for their Christian walk. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of fruitfulness.

There is a river of life and wherever that river flows, there will be fruits, there will be so much fruitfulness even to overflowing; there will be nothing barren. Whatever this river touches is made whole. Wherever the river flows, there will be deposits; there will be perennial fruitfulness as a result of the flow of the river of life. Holy Spirit is that river. Wherever the Holy Spirit is in operation, there will be life, everything will be enlivened, everything will be quickened, the glory of God will be revealed and the name of the Lord will be magnified.



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