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This was satan’s last card and for long, the fear of death for many, was the beginning of wisdom. Jesus dismantled, crushed and shattered the power of death and he rose. So much power was unleashed that there was an earthquake – a life-giving power that moved all over the land locating graves of people who were buried for over a thousand years but who lived by faith trusting that Jesus was going to be born; those who had their eyes set on Christ. These were people whom the Bible referred to as “the spirit of just men made perfect.” They include Abraham and the others – their graves suddenly opened and life came upon them; they came out of the grave and walked the streets of Jerusalem.

Some of the implications of the Resurrection (the fact that he arose): -The devil does not have the final say. Why?

  1. Because he is not omniscient; he doesn’t know everything
  2. He is not sovereign over all; God is.
  3. He is not omnipotent, God is
  4. Neither is he omnipresent, God is. Cheer up. The devil does not have the final say. No matter what you are passing through, no matter how it seems the devil does not have the final say.
  5. Whatever the enemy meant for evil can be turned around for good because he is not all knowing so he cannot be all wise. He is limited in his knowledge. God is always ahead of the devil. Be less concerned about what the devil is doing, learn more about what God is doing, celebrate more of what God is doing, celebrate God the more and you will attract the blessings of God and before long the enemy will be reduced to where he belongs – under your feet! So anything the enemy meant for evil can be turned around for good. The devil thought that by killing Jesus, he will have humanity; he made the greatest mistake. By so doing, he allowed the one that was sinless, the one that was completely righteous to be crucified. So he shed a sinless, righteous, holy blood and that blood became our propitiation, it became our atonement, it became a perfect sacrifice, it became our reconciler to God, it became the price for our redemption. It was a complex issue when man sinned. Who will redeem man, man that already had the evil inheritance of sin? Angels could not because it wasn’t an angel that sinned, it was man that sinned and the soul that sinneth, it shall die. This is the truth side of God.

PRAY:- Heavenly father I worship you. I celebrate your omnipontence, omnipresence and omniscience which you demonstrated in the wonderful salvation package you gave to man. Through the finished work of Jesus Christ your Son, I proclaim that the devil does not have the final say in any issue concerning my life. Jesus I lift up your banner and declare that through you I am more than a conqueror. Amen.


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