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One positive divinely orchestrated action changed everything for this man. Names are prophetic, names are seals, don’t let a bad name seal your fate. Jabez’s prayer was a prayer of radical faith in God; he left the outcome entirely to God to decide what the blessings would be, where and how he will receive them. Desire more influence, more responsibility and more opportunity to make a mark for the God of Israel. May this be the burning desire of your heart in Jesus name. When this becomes a burning desire in your heart, you will be amazed how God will say ‘amen’ to your prayers.

Why do you want to have more money? One of the things you should have at the back of your mind is that whatever you are trusting God to do for you must align with the original blueprint of God for your destiny. Lord, enlarge my coast, enlarge my capability for doing good, enlarge my ability to touch lives in Jesus name. God wants to bless you so that you may be a channel of blessing. God wants to give you ability to touch lives and lift people out of the chain. Money in the hand of a righteous person is a wonderful weapon of liberation. In the hand of the wicked, however, money is a wonderful weapon of destruction, oppression, affliction and other vices. Pray –


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