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The reason why the hand of God will work for us is so that the people of the world will not look down on us when we carry the Bible. Those for you and those against you will know the hand of God. There are people who need to know the positive hand of God in your life while there are also people who need to know the judgment hand of God in order to respect the God that you serve. If anyone attacks me, I don’t have any issue with that because I have no dignity to maintain but divinity to promote. However, you must not try my God. You cannot fight better than God and there are some battles that are not really meant for you. If you learn to let the hand of God move in your life, any power that rises against you is doomed. Do you know that the God of Israel is a consuming fire? Do you know that the God of Israel knows no defeat? Do you know that the God of Israel is Jehovah sabaoth; the Lord of hosts; host of heaven and host of hell? It is the children of God who ought to be calling the shots but the question is, are they? And if not, why not? Do we really know this God? The Bible says, “but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits” Dan. 11:32B. There is a fire that faith generates inside of you and before long you will say give me the mountain. It was the fire of faith that moved David to destroy Goliath with a sling. Every child of God ought to be a champion because Jesus Christ while on earth won the battle. On the cross He won the battle, in the grave, he won the battle and he won it for us. Receive the conqueror’s anointing that flows from Jesus. You will never lose any battle again, whether in the dream or in the day. Until your adversaries fear the God you serve, you have not made a statement. In the last place where I worked before I answered the call of God and started my own personal business, I had a direct boss who made the mistake of bullying me just because he saw the hand of God upon my life. My success was supposed to be his success but he became envious and this began to build up. The Lord showed me in a dream how he took my proposal to the shrine of his god, I went in and brought out the proposal, it was dripping of fresh blood and so I was furious. On getting to the office the next morning, he summoned me to his office and after his babbling, the fire of faith was kindled inside of me and I called him by his name and said, ‘you are sitting on a keg of gunpowder’ after which I walked out of his office. Few days after this incident, he gave me a query for an offence I did not commit. I presented the query to God when I was praying that night and asked him to take over the battle. On getting to the office the next morning, I was told of how the man went to the gas station to refuel and as he tried to get out of his car, he slumped and was immediately rushed to the hospital. While in the hospital, he forgot to inform his immediate boss about his whereabouts and after a few days of absence, his boss gave him a query while still in the hospital! When he was eventually discharged, he confided in one of his boys in the office, ‘be careful of those who carry the Bible’. That is not the end of the story though. If the hand of God is upon your life whoever tries to harm or hurt you is doomed. Incidentally, it was at that same time that the Lord told me that it was time for me to leave that organization so I was very happy. Meanwhile, the organization was planning to send me to Japan for further training after which I was supposed to be promoted to the position of an AGM. When the Lord told me to quit, I didn’t struggle at all. I wrote my resignation letter and submitted it directly at the office of the Chairman. The organization pleaded with me to stay and promised to increase my salary but I turned it down, they wanted to arrange a send-off party for me, I also declined. And so, I left. After that I enrolled in a Bible school and started enjoying my walk with God. One day, one of my colleagues in the organization paid me a visit and narrated how the man was disgraced out of office. Apparently, after I left, he committed a blunder not knowing that he was under close scrutiny of the General Manager who immediately reported the case to the Chairman. Consequently, the Chairman invited him to the office, collected the key of his official car and handed over to him his sack letter. By that time, I had started enjoying my relationship with God so the news did not in any way excite me. If the hand of God is with you, any power that dares you challenges God and his end will be like the story of Haman and Mordecai. You need not pray vengeful prayers before the anointing of boomerang falls upon your enemies; they will be hanged in the very gallows they prepared for you after the order of Haman. Nobody can fight more than God, you cannot fight better than God and of course, there are certain battles that you just cannot fight because you don’t even have what it takes to fight them! It is time for God to arise and make his name great in our lives but we need to allow him.

PRAY:- Father, make your name great in my life that the people of the earth might know your hand and that they may fear you in the name of Jesus. Magnify your name in my life so much so that the people of the earth will know your mighty hand and that they might fear your name and know that I belong to you. Thank you, mighty God, I trust you to perfect every thing that concerns me in Jesus name. Amen.


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