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2019 OPERATION 18-18 (DAY 1) – OH REVIVE US!

. TEXT: Psa. 85:1-7

“LORD, YOU HAVE poured out amazing blessings on this land! You have restored the former fortunes of Israel, and forgiven the sins of your people – yes, covered over each one, so that all your wrath, your blazing anger, is now ended. Now bring us back to loving you, O Lord, so that your anger will never need rise against us again …Lord and grant us your salvation.” (The Living Bible).

In spite of all our inadequacies, God has decided to forgive and overlook all our shortcomings, appreciate him for this.


Vs 4, “Now bring us back to loving you, O Lord, so that your anger will never need rise against us again.” One of the greatest prayer that any Christian prayer leader can raise is ‘Lord, bring your people to loving you’. The love of God has always been there. God is love and limitless in his love for us. He has been wonderful in his display of loving kindness towards us. But how have we reciprocated? The blessings of God ought to draw us closer to his presence but the reverse seems to be the case; we love and place other things above God in our heart. In view of this, we are going to enter into very deep repentance.

Repentance is the foundation for growth. If you want to go far in your walk with God, your repentance must be deep, thorough, heartfelt and remorseful, don’t rush through it. The love of God in our heart will cause us to run away from the things that God despises; the love of God will keep us away from things that defile and damn. The love of God in our heart will make us to purpose to do his will; the love of God will make us to become extensions of the hand of God. Faith will come cheap, you will strive to be holy – holiness is loving what God loves and hating what he hates. The love of God in your heart will cause you to be dependent on him; you will not impose your will on the will of God.

Vs 6 – “Oh, revive us! Then your people can rejoice in you again.” Revival brings rejoicing. In the course of this programme, your joy will be restored and there will be full and total restoration. There is a joy that comes with divine endorsement, nothing in this world can compare with it. As many as participate and those who hook with us on the social media from different parts of the world will experience divine endorsement; you will experience revival in your life and there will be rejoicing in the name of Jesus. Everything the enemy has ever tampered with will be restored; there will be full restoration. None shall be feeble. Everything that was lost shall be found again, your days of mourning and sorrowing are over.

Hab. 3:2, “O Lord, now I have heard your report, and I worship you in fear for the fearful things you are going to do.” What the Lord will do will make us fall in love with him and make us true worshippers of the living God. It is not enough to strike gold in your relationship with God, it has to be sustained. Everything God can give you, he has in supernatural abundance; he is the inexhaustible source of every good thing. He is infinitely capable of lifting you but you need to keep the connection. This is where a lot of people miss it, they disconnect easily at the slightest breakthrough and so the flow ceases. If you fall in love with God, the flow will never cease. Any river that disconnects from its source will eventually dry up. Anywhere there is a disconnection, there will not be a flow but where there is perfect connection, there will be a flow and the flow will continue for as long as the connection is intact. This is the secret.

One of my greatest desires is to raise worshippers who are so fanatically in love with God to the extent that the idea of substituting that love for anything else does not even remotely exist in their lives. God wants to bring us to this point in our relationship with him. There is no success that can be greater than succeeding in the original blue print of what God has designed for your destiny. That is the meaning of revival – getting back to the original blueprint. Every disconnection is a derailment and the devil knows this.


Anywhere there is a flow, there are deposits. What people do most of the time is to forget the connection and begin to focus on the blessing. The love of God will drive you into his presence; the love of God in your heart will make you addicted to his presence. Anyone who has missed God’s original blue print for their lives is a failure.


Revival is needed when:

  1. There is a lack of brotherly love and Christian confidence among believers. You can never give what you don’t have. If you don’t love God, there is no way you can love man. Most people today don’t get involved in things that they don’t benefit anything from even in the Church. Genuine love is becoming smaller and smaller. There is so much bitterness and other vices in the heart of many Christians. Don’t ever go to bed with things bottled up in your heart; always confess them. Don’t be afraid of sharing your hurts with someone who can help you. Can you really contact God with all manner of things bottled up in your heart? May you release so that you can receive in the name of Jesus Christ.

    PRAY –
    Lord, help me to release the things that I need to release so that I can receive in the name of Jesus. Help me Lord, not to hold back in this programme, as I have set my heart to seek your face, Lord, I am ready to walk according to your instructions. Help me to do your will, help me O God to release the things I need to release so that I can receive the blessings that you have prepared for me in the name of Jesus. Help me not to hold back the things that I need to release in Jesus name.

    Revival is needed when there are dissensions, jealousies and evil rumours among believers. These things show that Christians have grown far away from God and it is time to think seriously about a revival. Divisions, partitions, envious rivalry, jealousy, evil rumours are signs that there is need for revival.

    -Lord, search my heart; is there any way that I have been an agent of dissension? Is there any jealousy in my heart? Have I been a rumour monger, have I been a gossip? Is there any way, Lord, that I have used my tongue wrongly? Lord, examine me, search me O God and know my heart. I am sorry please, forgive me, please cleanse me. Lord, please help me, forgive me and cleanse me, purge me and purify me. Make my heart holy, make me pure, make me acceptable to you in the name of Jesus.

    -Wipe away all my transgressions, all my iniquities and all my sins. Lord, revive me again. In any way that I have deviated, please restore me in the name of Jesus.

    -As a fellowship, please have mercy upon us. In any way that there are dissensions, divisions, evil rumours, jealousy, envious rivalry, hatred amongst us, Father, in the name of Jesus, we repent, we are sorry, please forgive us, please cleanse us, please purify us and make us holy and acceptable unto you in the name of Jesus.

    -Lord, we want to draw closer to you in this period of seeking your face. Lord, draw us closer to you in Jesus’ name.

    Revival is needed when there is a worldly spirit in the Church. A lot of people are no longer seeking the kingdom of God and his righteousness; they are seeking the kingdom of this world and its unrighteousness. They no longer measure success in terms of the souls won, it is now measured in terms of earthly possessions and other things. People go to Church to show off their attires and not to be transformed. There is serious need for revival; the Church has become too worldly; the world has invaded the Church and now there is no difference. Babylon has invaded Jerusalem and taken captive the daughters of Zion.

    PRAY –
    -Lord, please have mercy. This is the time to revive your Church in the name of Jesus. Lord, we acknowledge that there has been a lot of worldliness in the Church today, we ask you O God, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth to revive your Church. We ask O God in the name of Jesus that you drive away this worldly spirit. Mighty God help us O God to conform to your original blue print for those whom you have called out of darkness into the marvelous light of your Son.

    -Revive us again O God, and drive away the spirit of evil competition, drive away the spirit of worldliness from your Church O God. Revive your Church again in the powerful name of Jesus. Let our heart desire be to do your will alone in the name of Jesus. Build your Church Lord, make us holy pure and acceptable to you in the mighty name of Jesus.

    -Help us O God to break away from worldliness in all its ramifications in Jesus’ name.

The Church has turned into a low and backslidden state when you see Christians conform to the world in dress, parties, seeking worldly amusement and reading filthy novels and watching filthy films, getting entertained by filthy music. Do you know that every music has a spirit? Every work of art has a spirit. If you have any worldly entertainment materials in your house, please throw them away and stop rationalizing nonsense. Some people wonder why they always have bad dreams; meanwhile, before going to bed they feast on wrong ‘food’- unwholesome TV diet which includes wrong movies, they listen to wrong music yet they wish to have heavenly encounter. If you want to have heavenly encounter, here is the recipe – play Christian music, worship God profusely, read the Bible aloud, pray in tongues and you will have heavenly encounter. Unwholesome TV diet can cut off your flow, in fact, it is an indication that there is a disconnection and serves as an invitation to other spirits.


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