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When you key into the spirit, that grasshopper mentality will disappear. The grasshopper picture will become something of naught. It is not just only about you. Many a times when we come into the presence of God, we are self centered and that’s part of limitation. If when you are praying to God, you are looking at the ‘English’, you have not left this roof. We need to break the roof and get to the first heaven, get  to the second heaven. Breakthrough the second heaven and get to the third heaven, the heaven of heavens. The easiest way to do that is to connect to the hotline of the Holy Spirit. Please connect to the hotline of the Holy Spirit. Today we will pray in tongues for 15 minutes. Some of you have not done it before, but for some of you, it is nothing. 

2. The Holy Spirit will guide you. 

3. The Holy Spirit will enable you. The Holy Spirit will empower you physically and spiritually. 

4. The Holy Spirit will mentor you. The best coach you have is the Holy Spirit. 

5. The Holy Spirit will reveal to you secrets that nobody can. You don’t need anybody to see ‘vision’ for you, if you can tap into the mind of God, everything is there. He shows you what He wants you to see, that’s why I don’t see any vision for anybody. He will open your spiritual eyes. Anything he has not shown me means that I don’t need it. When I pray and I have prayed all I need to pray, and spoken all the English I know. I change into the frequency of the Holy Spirit, and I tell you, it gets the job done faster than the best grammar can. 

6. The Holy Spirit is our greatest partner if you want to make it in life. Cultivate friendship with Him. More than ever before this year, we need Him. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of grace. Do you know that there is a grace that moves mountains? The Holy Spirit will lead you to cross any hurdle. The fact that nobody has done something before, does not mean you cannot do it. You will live above by the power of the Holy Spirit. We need Holy Ghost assisted performance. He knows the terrain more than you do. The Holy Spirit is the greatest strategist. If you are struggling, trust Him to give you a winning strategy. We need to get into the realm of the Spirit and download things and become champions down here. The Holy Spirit will do it for us this year. We will give birth to things that do not exit anywhere. I told you how the songs I write come. Those songs are not ordinary songs, they are Holy Spirit birthed. That is why they are producing results. I didn’t go for voice grooming, I didn’t sing in any choir. I just decided first to be praying in tongues for thirty minutes, when I saw that thirty minutes was cheap, I moved to 2 hours, when I saw that 2 hours was cheap. I moved to 4 hours. It was at this time that there was an explosion. I challenge you to pray in tongue for 4 hours. You will be cut up. You will suddenly find out that heaven is full of songs. Some of you are calculating 4 hours. I told my nephew to pray for 2 hours, he told me, “uncle, 2 hours!” He ended up not enrolling in Operation 24/7. For him he didn’t see any reason why somebody should bring out 2 hours to pray. I thought I was doing well until i learnt that Kenneth Haggins prayed for 8 hours. That is why when he handled the microphone, he would leave the earth and come back, a times he would laugh in the Holy Ghost. That’s the realm he was operating. It is in the hour you give to God that shows your placement of value. The reason my nephew was shouting 2 hours is because he works in the bank. He does not see how you can bring 2 hours for praying, but he brings out 8 hours for bank job. Placement of value! This year, we will learn the seven laws of prosperity. The number one  law is the law of priority.

What is your priority? Call this priority, attention. Which one should come first. Please let celebrate God. When God wants to help you, allow Him. Don’t struggle. He wants to help you, fundamentally, foundationally, comprehensively. This is how he helps so that anybody that looks at you will say that you are blessed. By the time you begin to count your blessings, it will be “wow!” May you join those that will enjoy early rain in the year 2020. 2020 will be a very productive year for us in this fellowship in the might name of Jesus, but we need to mean business with God and we need to engage the person of the Holy Spirit the more. Don’t forget this. This year, we will celebrate the Holy Spirit more than ever. Holy Ghost Assisted Performance is the sweetest performance. When the Lord gives you a helping hand, you are made. When others are saying there is a casting down, there will be a lifting for you.


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