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We need to pray for world revival; it is not enough to be praying for national revival. That is why I am interested in the change of philosophy of messages. A very notable man of God known all over the world came out boldly and denounced the message of prosperity which he has been preaching hitherto. I believe that this was a major breakthrough for the Christendom and a prayer answered. The preaching and emphasis on money is so prevalent in our Churches today; how can this message raise disciples? But that is what a lot of people want to hear so they look for Churches where they will be taught how to make money. one of the most difficult things in ministry is loving people so much, in the real sense of love, (true love wants to make you what God wants you to be and you decide to commit yourself to doing this). But in the end what do you get? There is warfare over every soul. Ministry is not fanfare but warfare. That is why it cannot be a part time assignment. You can start on a part time basis, but as you progress, the Holy Spirit wants to have more of you. Our Churches need to be restored to their original consciousness of holy living and world evangelism. Many of them have since forgotten their purpose for being in ministry!


We need to pray for new converts; that God will establish them in holiness, in righteousness and in wisdom. It is unfortunate that many new converts are now pastors! That is part of the problem. A baby remains a baby who needs to grow. A baby needs milk, assistance, needs to be nurtured, needs to be nourished, needs guidance, needs correction, needs rebuke and sometimes some spanking.



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