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I think the simplest definition of deception is abandoning what is valuable to pursue something that amounts to nothing; throwing away what is valuable to pursue what is valueless. That is what the devil likes getting people to do all the time. Look at what Adam had in the garden. A perfect man placed in a perfect environment and was given lord tenancy over the earth. He was told not to do one thing but it was that one thing he insisted on doing, so he threw away everything he had to go for that one thing.


Verse 28: “And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh…..” We are here for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that will catapult us to greater height. You have an unction. People like to quote this scripture before the verse 17. The thing that unlocks verse 28 is what the priests do between the porch and the altar. Before the rain, there must be an intercession. Intercession precipitates the rain. Repentance precipitates restoration.

The greatest obstacle to being ten times better is defilement. I wish that the Church will emphasize this. Defilement brings disrobement. You know the things that defile and damn the soul of man. There are so many agents of defilement that have been released against man. These are the things that neutralize people’s prayer and fasting efforts. Time flies and before you know it, we are starting another operation 18-18. If you want every second to count, purpose in your heart never to be defiled. Follow God according to His terms. Don’t entertain any gossip this year. Don’t make yourself a dump site for nonsense. Pursue purity; purity is power.


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