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There is a very serious crisis of integrity in the world today which some call diplomacy. The diplomacy that makes you tell lies is deplorable, run away from it as a child of God. Strive to walk uprightly, decide to tell the truth at all cost. Be a child of God indeed and let heaven back you up to succeed. No good thing will He withhold from you. My late niece and her friend at a point decided to give their lives to Christ and that decision was total. Her friend was working in an oil servicing company so she was well remunerated. The general manager of the oil servicing company suddenly took interest in her and started making amorous overtures towards her and of course she resisted. The man continued but the lady resisted. Eventually she was sacked as a result of her resolve not to compromise. She cried to God and God in His faithfulness opened a space for her at the British Council, a better place where she was better remunerated, paid in foreign currency with opportunity of overseas trips. It is better to be jobless than to do corporate prostitution. A lot of people are corporate prostitutes carrying things that are worse than spiritual HIV – carrying an evil seal. Anything God cannot give you, don’t aspire to have; it is not good enough for you! This is one of the things that the devil is using to bring down Christians; they throw away a divine call for lower calls. The moment you do this, it is welcome to Babylon. That person is already a failure. We have something the world cannot give; align with God; he will not withhold anything from you. The easiest thing God can give you is money. Jesus said what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and lose his soul in hell?

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