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There is nothing as beautiful, glorious and wonderful as following a leader you can trust, a leader who not only knows the way but a leader who is the way. He is also the life and the truth. That is why you can stake your life on him and you will not make mistake. Anyone who has not found Christ on a personal relationship basis has missed the way. Anyone who misses the way will end up in disaster. I don’t think we are giving this the seriousness it deserves. If we do, we will not have people around us whom we claim to love but are not in the way and yet be comfortable. Are you interceding for souls around you who are not in the way? How many souls have you won this year? What have you been posting to your account in heaven?

Every passing moment brings us closer and closer to eternity; every day presents us the opportunity to win souls, opportunity to serve in God’s kingdom and opportunity to post investment up where it matters most; where there is neither inflation nor devaluation.

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This is the time to enter into covenant with God because he is a covenant keeping God. This is the time to be addicted to the presence of God. This is not the time to play Church or denomination. This is the time to place more value on your relationship with God. This is the time to have a consolidated walk with God; it is only those with consolidated character that can withstand what is already happening in the world and what will yet happen.

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