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One day as I was preparing to go for service, a brother walked into my house in a very pensive mood and I knew immediately that something was wrong. He told me that his wife was very ill. I dressed up and followed him home and by the time we got there, his wife was sprawling on the floor in a terrible state. Before I left the house, however, in my usual manner, I knelt down in my room and asked the Holy Spirit for guidance and he told me to go and deal with bitterness, so I already had an idea of the root cause of the problem. On seeing her on the floor, I called the woman by name and told her that she was bitter. Her reaction was spontaneous, she started vibrating and tried to sit up saying that every pint of her blood was crying for vengeance. She went on to narrate the issues she was having with her in-laws. I used the scripture above, Heb. 12:15 to counsel her and after a while she started weeping profusely and there and then, I led her to make some confessions. To the glory of God, by the time I was through with her, she was able to get up to see me off. She was completely healed and restored.

Remember that we are not fighting flesh and blood. No matter the hurt, you still have to forgive so that your prayer ‘be not hindered’. Know that it is the devil that is trying to use that person against you. Forgiveness is not a gift that you give to others; it is a gift that you give to yourself. Someone compared unforgiveness with drinking poison while expecting someone else to die.

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