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Did Jesus live a fasted life to fulfil his ministry? Yes, he did; the Son of God fasted. Medically, fasting has been proven to have tremendous benefits. During that period, your body undergoes self cleansing.

Fasting intensifies the fire of God’s presence. Remember that the hand of God expressly deals with the presence of God; the manifest presence of God and demons are cast out by the finger of God. Jesus said, “But if I with the finger of God cast out devils, no doubt the kingdom of God is come upon you” Luke 11:20. No power can withstand the power of the almighty. When the ark of God was captured by the Philistines in 1 Samuel 5, they carried it into the house of their god as a spoil and trophy but by the time they woke up the next morning, they found their god lying prostrate before the ark of the living God. They thought it was an accident and decided to give their god a helping hand by setting it up again but by the time they came back, they found that not only had their god bowed, it has been broken and the fish side of it separated from the human side.

If you understand and key into this revelation, no power either in flesh or out of it will be able to mesmerize you because the hand of God upon your life makes you a living ark. You are the ark of God. The Holy Spirit resides in us; the ark is the manifest presence of God. The Holy Spirit in us is the ark of God. We are mobile arks so anywhere we enter, dagon must bow. It is only in God that you can have comprehensive success. God wants your hand to be an extension of his hand. God’s hand is a healing hand. God’s hand is a miracle working hand. God’s hand is a lifting hand. May your hand be an extension of the hand of God in Jesus name.

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