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God created a perfect man and placed him in a perfect environment. There was no scarcity, man was never to eat the bread of anxious labour. I decree today that you will never eat the bread of anxious labour in the name of Jesus Christ. There shall be no more curse in the name of Jesus. Look at all the blessings of redemption.

According to Galatians 3:13-15. We are redeemed from the curse of the law that the blessing of Abraham might come to the Gentiles. What constitute the curse of the law? – physical death, spiritual death, poverty, scarcity, lack, sickness, disease, all manner of terrible things. If you want to see them, go and study the book of Deut 28:15-68. It is a scripture that many do not like to read. But that is the curse of the law, that is the curse that is associated with breaking the laws of God. Thank God Jesus has redeemed us from every curse. Celebrate Jesus.  


Here is a song you can sing with me:

“We were lost, we were bound
On the way to hell,
Bound by the fear of death,
We were lost,
We were bound,
On the way to hell,
Bound by the fear of condemnation.

Jesus came and gave us life,
Jesus came and gave us hope.
We are no more strangers,
We are no more foreigners.
Fellow citizens with the saints,
and of the house,
Household of God.”

How can you be in the household of God and struggle with house rent? something is wrong, get angry in the realm of the spirit and say enough. It must come to an end. I have told you people my personal testimony, I don’t tolerate nonsense both in the realm of the spirit and in the physical. Anybody who knows me will tell you that. That is why people find it difficult to tag along with my standard. I have set a very high standard for myself because in this race, the greatest disservice you can do to yourself is to lower the standards of God’s word. You see, it is God that set the standard in His word. Live by it. It shall be well with you.


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