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21.      The revelation of Jesus as Counsellor.
One of the seven pillars of wisdom is counsel and it is the Holy Spirit that gives it. Jesus Christ is the wisdom and power of God. When Jesus enters into your life and you catch the revelation of his presence and the revelation of him as your counsellor, you will no longer go in the wrong direction; you will no longer be misled. You will be guided by the presence of God; there is no better guidance than this. One of the strongest words I have ever come across is “decision”. Decisions define destination. Decisions determine wealth. Decisions determine longevity. With the revelation of Jesus as your counselor, you will tap into the omniscient resources of heaven. When others are saying there is casting down, you will say testify that there is lifting. It is not only in spiritual matters that God shows up, please engage him in every area of your life. Remember that God is the inexhaustible source of everything that is good. He blesses those who diligently seek him. As you serve him, Jesus will show you where to go and get results. Consult him before taking any decision. There is so much deception today even in the Church; some ‘pastors’ use the spirit of divination to see vision for people. Look up to Jesus. May the Lord open your eyes in the name of Jesus. May you never lack divine counsel all the days of your life in the name of Jesus. Anything anyone tells you that is not consistent with the word of God is a lie. Every revelation must be consistent with the word of God for it to qualify as his counsel. A lot of people have been misled while some families have been destroyed as a result of wrong counsel. Avoid going to wrong places for counsel, it is not every ‘anointing’ that you should submit to. You have Jesus as your counsellor; don’t ever take any decision without consulting him.

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