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The easiest way to get lost is to follow the crowd that is going nowhere. Do not join the crowd. There is so much deception out there today; the spirit of the antichrist is not only at work but at war, fighting seriously, shaking and engineering things to make the heart of the elect to fail. In these circumstances, we need to draw closer to God and make use of all the weapons of spiritual warfare that God has made available to his Church to surmount the antics of the antichrist. The deception out there is so much that if you are not careful, you may fall victim and get deluded. In addition, there is so much distraction; you need to keep focused because that is the only way you will be able to draw from the blessings of salvation.

We need to come close to God so that we can hear and draw from him. The Bible says, as many as are led by the Holy Spirit are the sons of God, not as many as are led by fear. If God cannot protect you, nothing can.

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When we were growing up, we attended Roman Catholic catechisms where we were expected to answer some basic existential questions which look so simple but very foundational. These questions are in line with the word of God and are very basic.

A lot of people run their lives without purpose. Meditate on this and line it up with how easy it is for man to live long on earth and yet miss the purpose of God especially in the world today.

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