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Whenever the devil comes knocking, do not entertain him, don’t open up to the devil with wrong confessions. You need not entertain any nonsense from him. Tell him that the river of life is flowing through you.

If you are a born again child of God, the river of life is inside of you. Sickness has no business in your body as a child of God. Wherever the river flows, every curse is broken. Those who create lack are wicked, from the pit of hell. When a good leader emerges, the people rejoice because there will be openings, things begin to blossom. Why? It is because good leaders make right decisions as a result of their right connection. Right connections will bring correct decisions that will ultimately lead to right transformation.

Pray –

What some people see as opportunity is nothing but leprosy. If the spirit is not right, the action can never be right; if the spirit is not right, the end product can never be a blessing. Anyone who is connected to a wrong river will definitely have evil deposits. The only river that produces life is the River of life. Every truly born again child of God is connected to this river. Anywhere the river is flowing, there is liberty. Wherever the spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. Are you an instrument of release in your generation or an instrument of oppression?


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