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2021/2022 OPERATION 18-18 DAY 4D (LOVE GOD)

The only way you can seek God acceptably is through genuine repentance. It takes honesty and humility to admit your fault. If you don’t make a worshipper out of your congregants, you will produce reckless sinners. That is exactly what is happening all over the place. Grace has been twisted to mean licence to sin using the doctrine of once saved, saved forever. How can you salvage a soul like that especially if such a person has become a senior pastor or a deacon?

If you are such a pastor, you are not a worshipper because you have put the cart before the horse. That is one of the reasons why the world no longer has respect for the Church. The Church has become so worldly that there is no difference between the world and the Church. What the world is seeking is what the Church is also seeking.

Before Daniel set his face to seek God, he purposed in his heart not to be defiled. He was a consummate worshipper and that was why he was ready to face the den of lions rather than obey the decree of an ungodly king. The only instruction God expects you to submit to is a righteous instruction.

The easiest way to go to hell is to follow a leader who is heading to hell. Everyone will end up in the home of his or her owner. Who owns you? Whose seal are you carrying? Where are you going? Before you align, ask yourself the question – where is this leader taking me? The heart of the matter is the matter of the heart. If you miss it at the heart level you have missed everything. Misplacement of value is man’s greatest nemesis today. Where are the true worshippers?

Pray –

  • Lord, have mercy on me. Have mercy on your Church in the name of Jesus Christ. I do not want to misalign. I do not want to derail. I don’t want to be deceived. I don’t want to miss you. Help me to fall in love with you. Help me, O God, never to miss your mark.
  • Grant me the grace to have a perfect heart of a true worshipper.
  • Help me O God never to follow a leader who is going in the wrong direction in the name of Jesus.
  • Deliver me from deception that is in the world; deliver me from the distractions that are out there. Deliver me from the lust of the flesh, lust of the eye and pride of life in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • Grant me grace to be an overcomer in the mighty name of Jesus. Help me to fall in love over and over again with you.
  • Make me a consummate worshipper like your son Daniel, like your son apostle Paul and like your Son, Jesus Christ. Help me to be all that you want me to be in the name of Jesus Christ. Blessed be your name. I depend on you in Jesus’ name.
  • Give me a teachable spirit. Give me a right heart. Make me a worshipper in Jesus name. Amen.


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