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Ezekiel 14:1-7, Then some of the elders of Israel visited me to ask me for a message from the Lord, and this is the message that came to me to give to them:  “Son of dust, these men worship idols in their hearts—should I let them ask me anything?  Tell them, ‘The Lord God says: I, the Lord, will personally deal with anyone in Israel who worships idols and then comes to ask my help.  For I will punish the minds and hearts of those who turn from me to idols.’ “Therefore, warn them that the Lord God says: ‘Repent and destroy your idols, and stop worshiping them in your hearts. I the Lord will personally punish everyone, whether people of Israel or the foreigners living among you, who rejects me for idols and then comes to a prophet to ask for my help and advice (TLB).

This is self-explanatory. Often, people harbor idolatry in their hearts and come to God for help. Throw away any idol in your heart before coming to God for help.

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