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It is only when you seek God with all your heart that you will find him and when you find him, you will discover that nothing can be more satisfying. You can always tell those who have not found God. They are always seeking something to become. The spirit of “wannabe” is the spirit of the fallen man. If you find God, you’ve found everything. That is why we need to elevate our pursuits. Don’t bind your heart to things that will be shaken, anything that you have that you did not get from the Lord does not have a future, it is not secure. Whatever you have in the Lord, however, is already paid for by the precious blood of Jesus.

Learn to dedicate everything to him. Have you ever experienced the blessedness of owning nothing? It is the highest level of wisdom. Today, some people own everything, even the Church. You often hear them say ‘my Church’. Do you own any Church? Did you die for anyone? The owner of the Church is Jesus Christ, you are only a caretaker no matter your title.

2 Pet. 1:2-9, “Do you want more and more of God’s kindness and peace? Then learn to know him and better and better. For as you know him better, he will give you, through his great power, everything you need for living a truly good life: he even shares his own glory and his own goodness with us! And by that same mighty power he has given us all the other rich and wonderful blessings he promised; for instance, the promise to save us from the lust and rottenness all around us, and to give us his own character. But to obtain these gifts, you need more than faith; you must also work hard to be good, and even that is not enough. For then you must learn to know God better and discover what he wants you to do. Next learn to put aside your own desires so that you will become patient and godly, gladly letting God have his way with you. This will make possible the next step, which is for you to enjoy other people and to like them, and finally you will grow to love them deeply. The more you go in this way, the more you will grow strong spiritually and become fruitful and useful to our Lord Jesus Christ. but anyone who fails to go after these additions to faith is blind indeed, or at least very shortsighted, and has forgotten that God delivered him from the old life of sin so that now he can live a strong, good life for the Lord” (TLB).

The question here is – do you want to see God? Do you want to see the manifestation of God? Do you want to see more of God’s kindness? Then learn to know him better. The blessing of the knowledge of God is that God will give you everything you really need to live a good life. God wants to share his own glory and goodness with you. Whatever you become that is not orchestrated by God is fake.

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