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It is a dangerous thing for you to align against anyone who is anointed. It is even dangerous for you to hate an anointed one. In Psa. 89:23b, the Lord said, I will plague them that hate you. God has promised to plague our enemies. The greatest problem of man is misalignment. Man wants to impose his will on the will of the almighty meanwhile all that man needs to do is just to align. Put your will in line and let God take over. Why not allow God take over your battles?

Take note that all that Cyrus needed to do was just to submit because God has promised to hold his right hand. 

If God has anointed you, allow him to express himself through you. Stop imposing your will on the will of God; he has a better strategy and knows how to fight better than you. He is better equipped; he has better skills and resources at his disposal. 

This year, let God be God in your life, just align. If you know the things that you can do to magnify him, concentrate on them. Have a closer relationship with God and he will take over your battles. Everything you need, God will make available in supernatural abundance. You will wake up one day and discover that the enemy has fallen and standing on the ruins of the enemy, you will compose new songs. You will lift up the banner of the Lord and declare his glory. 

One of the things that the anointing does is that it removes the sweat and puts the sweet. This is because the power of God takes over. It is time for you to enjoy the goodness of God. By strength shall no man prevail. The God factor is your greatest success factor. If God smiles at you, you are made. One encounter with favour is all you need. This year, I decree you are highly favoured and you are blessed beyond curse in Jesus name. Every barrier is shattered. There is an anointing that breaks intercontinental barriers, that anointing is flowing in this ministry. 

The Lord has promised to give you hidden riches. Allow God take you through the hidden riches and show you how to pluck. He will come to us like rain, sweet rain!

What the devil tries to do is to make expectations not to be sustained by bringing all manner of distractions. Press into these words, hold on to them and be expectant. Expectation keeps the flow of the oil. Everywhere there is a flow there will be deposits. The devil tries to play a bad game on people by disconnecting them; remain connected, remain expectant. 

The woman with the issue of blood had an expectation, she didn’t just want to touch Jesus; it was a purposeful touch. Be intentional in your walk with God this year and you will see the move of God. God is about to announce himself in that situation in Jesus’ name. Amen!

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