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2022/2023 OPERATION 18-18 – (“LET THERE BE LIGHT” II)

You need to trust God that your prayer need not stay for twenty four hours before you receive the answer. You cannot fight better than God. There are some battles you are not meant to fight. It is your connection that makes your prayer to fly, not your titles. It is not in the length of the prayer either. It is not even in the number of days you fast that gets things done, it is in the quality of the fast. May your fast be most qualitative in the mighty name of Jesus.

Pray –

If you read Gen 1, you will notice that after God said, ‘let there be light’, good things began to appear. Henceforth, goodness and sweetness will take over, blessings will take over, peace of God will take over, progress will take over in the mighty name of Jesus. Where once there was darkness, there will be light. There will be colour, taste will return in the mighty name of Jesus. Celebration will be the order of the day. The glory of God will silence every voice of the adversary. Every voice of mockery shall come to an end. There will be abundance of fruits. Your life must be productive in the name of Jesus.


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