BOOKS – dealing with spiritual records

You cannot be a spiritual technocrat if you do not keep records. it is important to keep records because God Himself is a bookkeeper. Another reason why you must keep spiritual record/journal is that spiritual things are very slippery; everything God wants to reveal to you is for a purpose which your adversary hates and will do everything possible to stop. You must understand that signals are very important.

Rev. 20:11-12 – Many books were opened plus one book and that one book is the most important one. The others can be classified as the book of works while the other one is the Lamb’s Book of Life. The greatest tragedy will be for one’s name not to be there. We need to take every step to ensure that our names are boldly written and sealed with the precious blood of the Lamb in the Lamb’s Book of Life as the year expires.

The world is designed in such a way as to keep you busy. It is very easy to get into works – you can win souls, preach the word etc., these will be recorded in the book of works. Only one book is important – the Lamb’s Book of Life. Do not play games with your relationship with God; your greatest connection is your God connection. Whoever misses God has missed everything. Anyone not connected is dead. Any time you stop connecting, you start going down. What the devil does is to remove people from the source. It is not enough to have the Word, you must have the Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of Life; He is the spirit of sanctification. Every romance with the snake produces death.

Examine yourself. Look into your books. Is your name in the Lamb’s Book of Life? Do you really know God? Does He know you? Power does not flow from any office but from the throne of the Lamb; that is where the River of Life is.

Rev. 22:1. Anyone disconnected from this flow is dying. If you remove the River of Life from any Church, it becomes a social gathering, a village meeting where anything goes.

Luke 4:16-20. Jesus went to Fellowship! You can always tell where someone is going by his/her preferences. Jesus was a very purposeful person. You must be addicted to the presence of God if you want to end in His bosom.

There are certain evil books that need to close on a once and for all basis in our lives; Books of disaster, disappointments, death, ancestral blockade, recession, scarcity, lack, demotion, failure, disease, borrowing, insufficiency, diminishing returns, stagnation, depression, vicious cycle, spiritual defeats etc.


Lord, I do not want to take you for granted. I do not want to take anything in your word for granted; I believe that you have a purpose for my being here and that you brought me here to hear your word. Today, help me to make the most of it in Jesus Name.

In any way that I have neglected or undermined my relationship with You, in any way that I have been busy here and there, in any way that I have left Your presence, in any way that I have left my first love, today, I am sorry, have mercy on me. Please forgive me, cleanse me, wash me, purify me and sanctify me with the precious blood of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Help me, oh God in Jesus Name.

I confess with my mouth again what I believe in my heart that You sent Your Son Jesus Christ to die for me; that on the third day, You raised Him from the dead and that He is now at Your right hand. Thank You Jesus. I declare and proclaim that You are LORD over my body, soul and spirit, thank You Master Jesus.

Heavenly Father, I ask that You please write my name boldly in the Lamb’s Book of Life and seal it forever with the precious blood of the Lamb and may it never be removed for ever and eternity in Jesus Name.

All the books open, that are contrary to Your purpose for my life, I count them now and close them one after the other in the name of Jesus Christ. I close the book of …… (Take your time and begin to mention them one by one).

In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, they are closed. I declare them closed forever and the evil ordinances taken out forever  nailed to the cross of Christ. They will never re-appear again in the name of Jesus.

I declare unreservedly that my destiny is secured in You; I declare that my life is hid with Christ in You and I connect irrevocably and irreversibly to the River of Life. Let it flow through me in the name of Jesus. Deliver me from deception, deliver me from seduction, deliver me from discouragement, deliver me from distractions, deliver me from error, deliver me from pursuing vanity in the name of Jesus. Thank You mighty God. Through You, I shall do valiantly. I depend on you to finish well and to finish strong in the Lord, in Jesus Name. Amen!

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