He was a mighty hunter blessed of God, a hunter of both animals and men. The essence of hunting men was to enslave them; to bring them under subjugation. ‘Mighty’ here translates ‘gibor’ in Hebrew which means a powerful warrior, a tyrant, a champion, a giant or strong man. It is used for giants who were renowned for their wickedness. Gen. 6:4 says, “In those days, and even afterwards, when the evil beings from the spirit world were sexually involved with human women, their children became giants, of whom so many legends are told.” This is the origin of the seal of Nimrod and it is one of the ways through which people collect evil seals. Mighty here is used for an oppressor; a wicked person and also used in Psa. 52:1-3 to illustrate the mighty as used here. “You call yourself a hero, do you? You boast about this evil deed of yours against God’s people. You are sharp as a tack in plotting your evil tricks. How you love wickedness – far more than good! And lying more than truth!” (TLB).

Psa. 120:4-7 says, “You shall be pierced with sharp arrows and burned with glowing coals. My troubles pile high among these haters of the Lord, these men of Meshech and Kedar. I am tired of being here among these men who hate peace. I am for peace, but they are for war, and my voice goes unheeded in their councils”. The children of Kedar are the descendants of Ishmael. Terrorism has its roots in the seal of Nimrod and there are billions of people in the world today with this evil seal. A lot of Christians make the mistake of thinking that they can co-exist with them peacefully; this is a joke taken too far. It is ignorance that makes people belittle the capability of their enemies.

Anybody with the seal of Cain can kill his brother while it is natural for anybody with the seal of Nimrod to be extremely wicked. All over the world today, we see a simple demonstration of this seal and that is why it is important for you to understand the nature of this seal as it will help you to discern your environment better. You can never dominate an environment that you have not properly discerned and if you cannot discern, you cannot disarm. Without properly discerning your environment, you cannot pray effectively. Discerning must take place first in the realm of the spirit. If you don’t discern your enemy, you will become an easy prey. How did Cain kill his brother, Abel? Cain went out with his brother of the same parentage but with different spirits and different seals. If you have a biological brother or sister who is carrying a different seal, beware! That is why it is your responsibility to ensure that you evangelize your siblings. You cannot really trust somebody who is carrying a wrong seal which represents a wrong spirit. He will do the work of his master!

PRAY:- Father I thank you. I worship you. May your name be praised and adored in every facet of my life. I thank you specifically for putting Your seal of ownership upon me. I ask you to make it impossible for me to be a prey to anyone with an evil seal in Jesus Name I pray. Amen.


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