Gen 2: 10-14

Wherever this River flows, there will be deposit of gold.

Psa 46: 1-11 – God is in the midst of the flow; His presence brings supernatural assistance which will empower you to do the impossible. Receive divine assistance; divine empowerment to terminate every form of scarcity, lack, discouragement, disease, agents of death, disappointment etc. Receive the empowerment that will translocate you to greater heights and make you a transformer everywhere you go this year. Receive divine connection that will make people marvel at what God will do in your life; receive divine benevolence in the name of Jesus. God will help you right early in Jesus Name.

The strength of any promise is based on the personality and capability of the one who has promised. Our God has every good and perfect gift in supernatural abundance; everything He has is infinity raised to power infirmity over zero!

Whenever God gives you a blank cheque, please draw! Whenever you have the opportunities to stretch, make sure you go for gold just like Solomon. It takes wisdom to be a good intercessor and to commune with the all-wise God. This year, make definite connections that will continue the flow.

Vs 6 – The very presence of God will terminate everything the enemy has brought to attach itself to you. Wherever the River flows, there is healing.

Vs 7 – Make this declaration – “the Lord of Hosts is with me”. Remind yourself always of the ever-abiding presence of the Lord of Host. The Commander-in-Chief of the armies of heaven is with us.

Vs 8 – Anywhere there is divine presence, there will automatically be manifestations of the work of God. One of the graces of this ministry (Holy Ghost Fellowship) is the dynamic and vibrant move of the Holy Spirit. The works of God in our lives will speak beyond this year in the name of Jesus.

Vs 11 – Declare “the Lord of Hosts is with me the God of Jacob is my refuge” in Jesus Name. Make this declaration seven times.

Eze. 47: 1-10 – Everywhere the River of Life flows, it destroys scarcity, lack, discouragement, disappointment, delay, it crushes curses and makes impossibilities possible. Even if it flows into a dead water, it begins to heal it. The devil has so polluted the waters that they need healing. Many waters are sick because they have become headquarters of marine spirits and demons and these exert a lot of influence on planet earth. Dagon contamination is one of the most prevalent contamination in the world today because 75% of the earth is water.

When God is with you, you don’t have to be qualified, He will qualify your disqualification.

Heavenly Father, release the anointing of ‘exceeding many’ upon me. Let Your river flow and terminate every scarcity in my life and usher me into the realm of exceeding many blessings, exceeding many joy, exceeding many peace, exceeding many wisdom, exceeding many anointing, exceeding many of your blessings that make rich and do not add any sorrow in the name of Jesus. Please Lord, bring me into this ‘exceeding many’ level of Your blessings in Jesus Name.

The River of Life terminate woes. The good thing about it is that we are connected to this river. John 7: 37-39. Touch your belly and declare – out if my belly shall flow rivers of living water in the name of Jesus. What is this River of Life? The Holy Spirit. God has ensured that we are connected to this flow. It is a healing river; it terminates sickness and every agent of death 

To be cont……………………………………………………………………………..

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