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Scriptures: Rev. 2:1-7, Rev. 3:5, Rev. 3:14-17,19 & Rev. 3:21-22

This year is our year of comprehensive dominion. No one can have comprehensive dominion who has not learnt to discern spirits. Until you dominate the ruling spirits, you will not dominate your environment. We have established that comprehensive dominion can only be achieved through Christ; in other words, if there is any institution through which comprehensive dominion should naturally flow, it is the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ. These scriptures contain Jesus’ personal letters to the seven Churches; evaluating their state at that time. There is not really much difference between those Churches in terms of overall impact, and the Church today particularly the Laodicean Church. Beyond that, he is also saying that anyone who will overcome will be rewarded.

Note Rev. 2:6 – The Nicolaitans were followers of Nicolas, one of the seven deacons appointed in Acts 6 who went into heresy and raised a group of heretics, they are supposed to have been a sect of Gnostics who practice and taught impure and immoral doctrines, some of which permit loose living, fornication, adultery and claiming that these things are not necessarily sinful. There are so many preachers who no longer call sin what it is for fear of being labelled judgmental. It has not changed; there are a lot of places where immorality is swept under the carpet. How can you walk in dominion without the presence of the Holy God in the person of the Holy Spirit? How can you walk in dominion when you rationalize evil? This was the weakness of the Nicolaitans. A lot of parents make the mistake of thinking that good education is the best thing they can give to their children, any good education that excludes God is dangerous. Any good education that is embedded in error is dangerous. If the word of God is twisted to produce error, there is danger because some people will actually believe the error and land in hell. Anyone who has derailed from the truth cannot walk in dominion. Gnostics believe that fornication and adultery are not sinful; they believe that eating meat offered to idols was lawful. Their doctrine is similar to the doctrine of Balaam, Jezebel and of Thyatira. Gnosticism is elevating secular knowledge above faith, above the word of God. There are so many international atheist who maintain that there is no God.

Rom. 1:21-32. The world is sick, this you must realize because you cannot dominate an environment you have not discerned. The Church has failed to confront issues. Anything you tolerate, you cannot change. We must lift a javelin against sin. Sin is not relative; sin is missing God’s mark. God has a mark, you miss it, it is sin and sin attracts judgment. Pulpits are so weak today about condemning sin. In the 70s, the message of the church was focused with a very direct message – ‘where will you spend eternity, sinners repent’. One of the things the devil uses to deceive people is a false sense of security so that they can begin to chase shadows. Look at the Laodecean Church, quite prosperous, they put confidence in their wealth and became lukewarm. The Church is growing in size, is it growing in holiness? Is it growing in righteousness? Is it growing in the wisdom and application of the wisdom of the Almighty and in the demonstration of his power? If not, why not? The spirit of ‘anything goes’ is a very wicked spirit, you must not tolerate it. Imagine a city without walls.

Notice Rev. 2:7 and 29 “he that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches”. It is possible to have ears and not hear or hear what you want to hear. The most important thing for you to hear at any particular time is to hear what the spirit is saying. If you don’t hear what the spirit is saying, you will hear what the world is saying. Take note that the world is always at war with the Word. The Holy Spirit is always consistent with the Word because the Holy Spirit is in the Word; it is he that gave the Word. Jesus is the embodiment of the Word and Jesus is truth. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of light and consecration, the spirit of holiness and sanctification. If you enter any Church where anything goes, run, because the Holy Spirit has left that Church. Don’t break the walls in your family, consolidate the walls three times over because most of the time one level of consolidation is not enough. Anywhere the wall is broken, the Bible says, snake will bite. You must be consolidated. Drug addiction does not just start like that; it starts with wrong association, eating wrong stuff with the eye, nose, ears and the mouth.

If there has ever been a dangerous period to raise children, it is now because of the spirit of ‘let us alone’. The spirit of ‘let us alone’ (anything goes) is the spirit of self-destruction. Once you allow anything goes, standards will crash automatically.

The key for dominion over the spirits of the world is hearing what the Holy Spirit is saying. It is the key for overcoming and getting established in paradise. The people that are rewarded in heaven are overcomers. If you don’t overcome, there is no divine programme for you. Are you a child of God? You are meant to overcome. You cannot get into a war without experiencing the heat of the battle. As a parent, you have a very serious responsibility. God has left many homes because of disorderliness; God does not bless anything that is out of order. A lot of prayer is required, a lot of counselling is required. Sanction is also important and this is where a lot of parents fail. Stop throwing things at your children, you will spoil them. Rather, train them to place value on everything, especially things that have eternal value, teach them to place value on their personal relationship with God. How can you be a champion without fighting some challenges? How can you be a warrior without warfare?

Spirits of the World

1 Cor. 2:12-13, Eph. 2:2. The gods of this world release spirits that promote disobedience but there is good news. 1 John 4:1-4. Memorize verse 4, make it part of your dominion arsenal this year – “ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world”. If the greater One is inside of you, what then are you searching for? 1 John 5:1-4. Anyone that is born of God overcomes the world. Faith is a shield as well as an offensive weapon in spiritual warfare. Rom. 10:17.

What are the spirits of the World?

  1. The spirit of Egypt – it is the spirit of false religion, occultism, it fights against the children of God, it is the spirit of slavery, the spirit of captivity, the spirit that opposes the purpose of God. Going to Egypt is always a downward slope that is why God told the Israelites go not down to Egypt. It is a place of bondage. One of the things you must be careful about is the crowd; the herd mentality. Don’t allow the crowd to think for you. You must have a way of hearing God through personal relationship with him.
  2. The spirit of Babylon – This is the spirit of worldliness. The world system is a system of Babylon; the economic system of the world is based on the system of Babylon. Babylon also represents false religion including mother-child religion. Babylon is the promoter of ‘let us build and make a name for ourselves’, it is a place of godless accomplishments. The spirit of Babylon is seriously at war with the Word and purpose of God.
  3. The spirit of Jezebel – it is the spirit of rebellion, feminism, domineering spirit; it is the spirit of idolatry, witchcraft. It hates men of God, it is a water spirit.
  4. The spirit of witchcraft – you can classify any spirit that is not of God under the spirit of witchcraft. God gets his job done on earth through righteous authority empowered by the Holy Spirit while devil gets his job done on earth through unrighteous authority empowered by the spirit of witchcraft.
  5. The spirit of Deception – It is the most prevalent spirit in the world today.
  6. The spirit of Perversion
  7. The spirit of Defilement
  8. The spirit of Obstructions
  9. The spirit of Lust – every lust has a spirit behind it.

If you cannot overcome rejection, you cannot experience celebration. Don’t be afraid of rejection when you are doing the right thing. This is one of the things that make people lower standards. We are called to be people who hear what the spirit is saying.


  • Heavenly Father, this year, I want to hear you. I do not want to take any step you have not endorsed, I ask you to guide me by your spirit, help be to be sensitive to the leading and promptings of the Holy Spirit, help me to hear what the spirit is saying in the mighty name of Jesus. O God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, help me to be complete in obedience. Grant me the grace never to be deceived, help me to hate what God hates and to love what God loves in the name of Jesus.
  • Father, make me an overcomer indeed. May I never be overwhelmed by the spirits of the world in the name of Jesus.
  • Father, guide my children never to be overwhelmed by the spirits of the world in the name of Jesus. Shield them from satanic evangelism; shield them from evil influences and wrong associations in the name of Jesus.
  • I raise the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth against any satanic agenda and every satanic invocation; I raise the blood of Jesus against any contrary spirit and against the spirits of the world in the name of Jesus.
  • You spirits of this world, I come against you in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, you spirit of Egypt, I raise the blood of Jesus against you, I overcome you by the blood of the Lamb and by the world of my testimony in Jesus name.
  • You spirits of Babylon, deception, rejection, witchcraft, jezebel, error, lust, contradictions, baal and you spirit of the bondwoman, I raise the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth against you, I bind you and cast you into the abyss, I overcome you by the blood of the lamb and by the word of my testimony, thus far you come, you go no further, in Jesus name.
  • I proclaim my comprehensive dominion over the spirits of this world in Jesus name. Amen

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