There are two classes of windows that are always open in heaven: windows of blessing and windows of judgment.

Leadership is alignment to light. If you are a leader, you must have the spirit of leadership, no one can lead without this spirit. Leadership is direction, leadership is focus, leadership is learning to live. Don’t ever follow a leader who is under the leadership of a perverted spirit. Show me your fruits and I will show you the spirit that you are aligned with. Don’t join yourself to baalpeor if you want the Lord to be your light. Whatever you are doing as a child of God that is not consistent with light, quit. Re-align. This age is winding down. Any preaching that is not preparing you to live right is cheating you. It is not every open door that is God’s door. Some are Satan’s trap. As a child of God, exonerate yourself so that the light will shine. There is no limit to which God can use a clean vessel.

If the Lord is your light, you can rest assured that he will be the strength of your life. He will set you upon the rock and your head will be lifted above your enemies. That Rock will be your Rock of salvation, Rock of protection, Rock of preservation, Rock of provision, Rock of progression, Rock of perfection, Rock of promise. When the Lord sets you upon the rock, he will give you a new song. Boldly, you will say “whom shall I fear, of whom shall I be afraid”. Why? Because fear is darkness. Fear is the flow of negative supernatural, fear truncates the move of the spirit, fear is anti-faith. One of the ways to know when you are deviating from the presence of God is the presence of fear.

If the Lord is your light, no external enemy will be able to deal with you. Your head will be lifted up above your enemies round about you. You will be comprehensively insulated from the storm, you will be secured in God’s pavilion, the glory of God will be revealed through you, the blessings of the Lord, which make rich and do not add any sorrow will clothe you. You will fly the banner of the Lord standing on the ruins of your enemies. From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same, the name of the Lord shall be praised in every facet of your life. Fruits of righteousness will blossom in your life. You will be called sons and daughters of the most high. Your light will so shine that people shall see it and glorify God. The glory of God will never be hidden again in your life in the name of Jesus.

You must not keep silence. You must confront darkness. If God said, “let there be light”, you must say it. Get angry in spirit, there are things you need to change. Certain destinies are tied to your rising, that is why you must rise and until you rise, you cannot shine. The world is waiting for your manifestation.


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