2d. Recently, a man of God opened my eyes to something very important. He said one of the reasons why a lot of repentance prayers are not genuine is because people repent for the things they do and not for who they are. If you tell lies, you are a liar and so when you come to the presence of God, acknowledge that you are a liar; tell him to have mercy on you and change you, otherwise, there is tendency for you to repent of lying and still continue to be a liar. Why? It is because the nature of lie telling in you has not been removed. This is one of the reasons why people who get released from prison after serving a jail term, find themselves committing the same crime which will take them back to prison. There is a nature in them that needs to be transformed. You can set a person free but until you make the person free, he is not free indeed. There is difference between the two.

3a. Constantly pray that God should reveal any hidden presumptuous sin that you think is not important but is important in the sight of God and can lead to hell. Be watchful. Constantly check your life, your ways and your walk with God. Today, people are chasing things that should be chasing them to the extent that they don’t really have time to watch. It takes spiritual diligence to pray well and it starts with observation; ‘eyes on the ball’. Be detailed. There are some presumptuous sins that you may not feel anything about and so you won’t even have time to repent of them. Clean up. 

The bride of Christ must be without spot or wrinkle. The sin you fail to judge will eventually consume you. If you are a responsible Pastor, until you start producing consecrated worshippers, don’t send them to the wolf. Daniel was a consecrated worshipper and that was why he never compromised. Daniel reigned in the land of his captivity. What was his secret? He purposed in his heart that he was not going to be defiled. Until we return to the cross and start producing anointed lambs, forget it. There is no short cut to consecration. If you walk closely with the Holy Spirit, the first thing you will notice about him is that he is the spirit of sanctification. You can grieve the Holy Spirit and he will leave you.                                        

The Church is not ready for the rapture because the materialistic messages and motivational preaching from pulpits can only produce earthbound Christians and no earthbound Christian will fly.


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