When I woke up, I was happy that it was a dream but I also knew that it was a prophetic dream so immediately, from the depth of my heart, I cried out ‘Lord, does it mean that I am not rapture ready? Shortly after, I fell asleep again and I saw Jesus in the sky in sparkling white and he answered my question by saying that what I saw was not about me at all. Although he was in the sky I could commune with him without shouting. He said with pain, ‘my people are not ready’. Because he said the dream was not really about me, I was somewhat happy but the happiness was short-lived because almost immediately he asked me a question that jolted me, ‘By the way, have you booked your ticket? Ticket again? Quickly, I became agitated and said, ‘Lord, you are my ticket for the rapture; what you did for me on the cross at Mount Calvary is my ticket for the rapture’. On saying this, I saw a ticket leave his hand and it landed in my palm. Ticket at last, I sighed in relief. Looking through the ticket, however, I discovered that there was no date on it so I said, ‘Lord, but there is no date on it”. He answered, ‘Leave the date for me to fill’ and immediately I said, ‘Lord, please also take the ticket and keep it for me’. The ticket left my hand instantly.                            

I came out of this revelation with a burden. One part of me was very happy while another part of me was very sad. Happy because I have booked my ticket and sad because the Church is not ready. Brethren, I have booked my flight. What about you? Jesus never mentioned Church in this revelation, he said ‘my people’. What are you chasing? It is so easy to pursue money into the grave. You needed to see everyone in that city; they were just too busy piling cargoes upon cargoes. Do you know that the only place where you need money is here?

Everywhere in that city was dusty. What does dust connote? Spiritual dust represents lust – lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and pride of life. Lust motivates people to pursue vanity with all their vigour while they miss the only thing that is necessary. Will you be one of those that will be stranded in a dusty land? When the trumpet shall sound, will you still be busy chasing money? Remember that the serpent is a dust eater. Many messages today are not preparing people for the rapture. When I gave my life to Christ, it was not so. The reason why many people are not ready is because a lot of Christian gatherings are no longer preparing people for the rapture.              

Ministers are now using earth-bound metaphors like lion, eagle and money instead of the lamb. What happened to the cross? What happened to the Lamb? If you don’t know the Lamb, then you don’t know Jesus. What happened to the Dove? They proclaim that the eagle soars but the truth is that you don’t need to be an eagle to soar.  You soar on the wings of the Holy Spirit and not on the wings of an eagle. Where we are going, no eagle or lion will be there. Isa. 35:9 “No lion shall be there, nor any ravenous beast shall go up thereon, it shall not be found there”. We overcome by the blood of the Lamb and not by the blood of the lion.


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