In Gal. 5:20, Apostle Paul mentions witchcraft as one of the works of the flesh “… idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies”. In other words, witchcraft is not peculiar to Old Testament; there is witchcraft in the New Testament. There was witchcraft before Jesus came, there was witchcraft during the time of Jesus, there was witchcraft after the death and resurrection of Jesus and there is still witchcraft in operation today. If something exists and you deny its existence, it does not really stop it from existing. In the same way, if something exists and you are ignorant of it, it doesn’t stop it from existing either. The only thing is that you may become a victim as a result of your ignorance. You will, however, not be a victim of witchcraft because it is through knowledge that the just will be delivered. Some of the symptom of witchcraft oppression includes but not limited to :-

  1. Being pursued in the dream by animals

  2. Eating in the dream

  3. Extreme wickedness

  4. Extreme hardship

  5. Rebellion

  6. Idolatry

  7. Certain forms of mental illness

  8. Sudden death

  9. Accidents

  10. Miscarriage

  11. Pregnancy complications

  12. Sudden health failure

  13. Loss of prosperity

  14. Mind control and absent-mindedness

  15. Dullness of the brain

  16. Extreme poverty

  17. Demonic padlocks

  18. Infant death

  19. Marriage destruction

  20. Prostitution and promiscuity

  21. Mysterious body itching

  22. Certain levels of prayerlessness

  23. Unusual noise in the environment

  24. Inexplicable disappearance of property (like personal effects)

  25. Excessive fear

  26. Bad dreams

  27. Demonic transplant

  28. Demonic injection

  29. Demonic marks (black ring with red dot in center)

  30. Moving things in the body

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms in any area of your life, you may be contending with forces you never knew. The truth is that if God will open your eyes to the magnitude of witchcraft operation in your environment, you will marvel. The extent of witchcraft operation in the environment is overwhelming. In spite of the proliferation of Churches in the land, idolatry is still very deep and intact, the most primitive type of idolatry at that, not even the refined type. The Church is only scratching the surface of the problem and in some ways have even become a part of it. That is why there has not been much change. How can you change what you have not properly defined? How can darkness give light? How can evil dispense good?


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