We have established earlier that evil decrees proceed from satanic parliaments. We also saw how God enabled his children to say ‘No’ to evil decrees. God did not forsake his children when they were in this dilemma; rather, heaven backed them up. The resultant effect was their personal promotion coupled with the fact the God was magnified. The people of God were revered while their enemies came to the conclusion that their God is the right and living God. Their decision not to submit or bow to the powers of darkness and their lifestyle became tools of evangelism.

As a child of God, on a daily basis, you are confronted with decisions whether to submit or not; you are confronted with choices. Once you submit, you have made nonsense of your testimony; you are already conquered. To submit means to go the wrong direction, to submit means to vote for nonsense, to submit means to vote for darkness. The things you allow to take root in your heart will eventually influence the decisions you take and your decision determines your destination as well as the outcome.

The word ‘decision’ is one of the strongest words ever. The onus of issuing evil decrees lies with the kingdom of darkness but it is left for a child of God to refuse to bow, it is left for you to say ‘it shall not stand neither shall it come to pass’. We saw how Mordecai consistently demonstrated this resolve.

You must understand that things don’t just happen. Things happen because of decisions taken in the spirit realm and if you do nothing about the negative decisions that have been taken against you and your family in the spirit realm, it is only a matter of time before the decrees start manifesting in the physical. The devil does not fear those who go to Church, what he fears is your worship and that is why the objective of his attack is against your worship. The real attack has to do with how much value you place on your relationship with God – what is the worth of that relationship in your heart? That was the essence of the temptation of Jesus when the devil asked him to bow. Jesus eventually rebuked him with the word of God ‘it is written’.

Today, some people’s salvation is not worth more than a pittance. If offered a very little position in exchange for sinful compromise, they are ready to acquiesce. Whoever bows to nonsense will, of necessity, become nonsensical. The world is now making mockery of the Church. We need to repent! How are you representing Christ? Are you a Mordecai? The devil is afraid of the intensity of your worship. Daniel purposed in his heart not to be defiled. What have you purposed in your heart? That is the issue. Don’t be an average Christian in a time like this. God’s standards have not changed. The antics of the devil have not changed either; the same old trick he used in Eden is the same trick he is still using and it is still working. ‘Worship me, bow and I will give you’. You must purpose in your heart today that when they are saying confederacy, you must say ‘No’. don’t speak their language.


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