• The spirit of selfishness. ‘I’, ‘me’, ‘myself’, ‘my thing’, ‘my own’, making name for yourself, everything is about self. It has always been there but in this last days, in this ‘perilous times’, it has become intensified. Men have become lovers of self more than lovers of God; everything is about accumulation for self. I want you to know that self-seekers are the greatest losers. One of the worst ways to live is to accumulate for self. The best way to invest in this life is to invest in something that will outlive you. There is no better way to invest than in touching lives. Until your Christian life becomes impactful, it is not yet fruitful, God created you to be fruitful. We are called to bear fruits so that our fruits may abide. What kind of fruits are you bearing? Your Christian life must be contagious, it must speak, it must impact other people’s lives. That is your greatest evangelism; your lifestyle is very important. Whose life are you touching? Whose life have you impacted in the last one year? How many lives have you touched? When will you allow God to use you as an angel? Christianity does not make sense until it becomes selfless because Jesus Christ went about doing good; he never died for self, he died for others. Until your life becomes a seed, it can never produce harvest.
  • Men will be lovers of money. Money will become the number one god; that is what many people worship today. In this last days, the love of money will get so intense that people will be ready to sacrifice their spouses and children for money. It is already happening. It is all about worship. That is the reason why you must allow God to dismantle and destroy every trace of love of money in your heart. You cannot serve God and mammon. If you want to be a child of God in this end time, you must place money where it should be. Money should be a servant; you are not to serve money. Don’t ever allow money to compete with the place of God in your heart. Money is a good servant but a very bad taskmaster.
  • Pride. Pride is the idolatry of self. When people become selfish and full of self, they will become prideful, full of pride. Where does this come from? It is from the garden of the heart, from the carnal unregenerated heart of man. You need to understand that there is a spirit behind each and every one of these behaviours and if you fail to isolate the spirit, you may end up being contaminated very easily. Pride is a very cheap sin.
  • Men will be boastful. Of course, out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. When someone enthrones self above God, definitely such a person will want other people to worship him. Everything is about him; there is no God in his equation.


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