Just as heaven is the headquarters of light, so also is hell the headquarters of darkness. Those who are walking in darkness will ultimately end up in hell while those who are walking in light will end up in heaven. There are only two resting places; there is no intermediary place. Every action you take brings you closer to your destination; it either brings you closer to heaven or it brings you closer to hell.

No one can have absolute dominion over darkness who is not properly connected to heaven because heaven is the headquarters of light and it is the entrance of light that drives away darkness. When darkness comes in contact with light, darkness evaporates and there will be nothing left. Light is superior to darkness. Before light, darkness must submit.

The New Testament talks about heaven and hell more than any other subject. The bane of our present day Christianity is that we rarely talk about these two eternal places, choosing rather to focus on the present transient life than the life after death. This is an aberration and it is one of the things that is producing weakness today in the modern Church; the tendency to concentrate and even over concentrate on the earth. A lot of Church programmes are earth- bound, a lot of the prayers, messages, songs, praise and worship are earth -bound. Meanwhile, the Bible makes it categorically clear that if it is only in this earth that we have hope, we are of all men most miserable.

The Bible admonishes that our affection should be on the things above. In other words, we must think heaven, we must live heaven and operate from that realm. Some Ministers of the gospel make this statement, “we can be so heavenly minded that we are no earth good”. They use this statement to defend their acceptance of this world’s culture arguing that the best way to reach a lost world is to engage in the lifestyle and in the social culture surrounding certain people, groups and generation. This is not what we are talking about here. There cannot be comprehensive success without connecting to and operating from the realm of heaven.

Dominion flows from above and the essence of connecting to heaven is so that you can dominate your environment here on earth. This was the original intention of God when he created man. God wanted man to be lord over the planet earth but man lost it when he sinned. God, however, sent his Son to restore that dominion to man, so it is through Christ that dominion is restored. The original blue print of God for us must be fulfilled. It is sweet when you call the shot from above; it is sweet when you operate from above, the one who is from above is above all. When you operate from above, no witch can fly near your domain. The problem is that the average Christian is earth- bound and earth-bound people will not fly. Why? This is because they will not even hear the sound of the trumpet because their spiritual senses are not exercised. It is not every one that will hear the sound of the trumpet. It is only those who hear the sound that will fly; those who are tuned to the frequency of heaven. It is this same power that will propel them to soar.


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