Moses was given the training of an Egyptian prince but his blood was not contaminated. You can be in Egypt; you can even be in Pharaoh’s palace and not become an Egyptian. At the age of 40, the pride of redemption (that makes you feel that you can redeem your inheritance without God) coupled with anger was stirred up in Moses; he killed an Egyptian and covered it. Unfortunately, the people he helped exposed him and as a result, he had to escape from Egypt. Before you can become a deliverer of the people of God, you must escape from Egypt. You cannot be a deliverer of the people of God if you are still frolicking with Egypt. Regardless of the fact that Pharaoh does not allow his captives to go without a fight, Pharaoh must release you so that you can go and fulfil the purpose of God for your life in the mighty name of Jesus.

Every plague in Egypt was designed to demonstrate the power of the outstretched hand of the Almighty God. God manifested and judged all the powers that held his children captive. I declare that your time of visitation has come, all the powerbases that have ever held you down will be judged. Your season of total liberation has come and Pharaoh will not have to negotiate your release; you are coming out by fire. You are breaking away from your Egypt in the mighty name of Jesus.

Moses escaped to the wilderness and for 40 years he was there being trained. There are some lessons that you can only learn in the wilderness. One of the reasons why God took Moses to the wilderness was to take Egypt out of him. You cannot be a deliverer of the children of God while still carrying Egypt in your life. Egypt is the world system. The reason why we are not seeing classical deliverances in most cathedrals today is because the Church has become too worldly; there is too much Egypt in the Church and the children of God are going into bondage. Dethroned powers are messing up the lives of many Christians, meanwhile, these Christians are busy playing Church. True Christianity is not cheap. Salvation is free but not cheap. It cost God his very best. Whenever you talk about the blood of Jesus, you are talking about the blood of extreme sacrifice. It took God 40 years to get Egypt out of Moses.

The first encounter Moses had with God in the wilderness was after 40 years has elapsed. By this time, Moses had been stripped of self, he was now humble enough and has learnt the language that you can only learn when you are alone with God. By this time, Moses, according to Num. 12:3, was the most humble and meek man on the earth. When God appeared to him in a burning bush, the first thing God told him was to take off his shoes.

PRAY:- Heavenly father, I worship you. I thank you for the salvation of my soul through the finished work of your SON – JESUS CHRIST ON THE CROSS AT CALVARY. Jesus I enthrone you as my deliverer and I ask you to transform my life and empower me by your spirit to fulfil the purpose for which you have called me out of darkness to your marvelous light. I trust you to work out your plans for my life. Amen


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