Sunday service


Those who put their trust in Christ will arise. We celebrate the living God, we don’t celebrate Easter, we celebrate the essence. I have come to the realization that Easter period is a time when the children of God need to be very careful to be in the presence of God. Study Acts of the Apostles chapter 12. A lot of tragedies usually befall Church leaders at that time. It is a time that you need to draw closer to God; hold onto him and apply the blood of Jesus. And after Easter, we need to be making declarations that every after Easter programme of hell concerning our lives will be deprogrammed.

Pray – Lord, let every after Easter programme of the devil concerning my family be deprogrammed in the name of Jesus. It shall not stand; neither shall it come to pass in Jesus name. The cross of Christ is the place where you deprogramme every programme of hell; it is the place where you take them out of the way. God expects you to take them out of the way. That was what Jesus did having spoiled principalities and powers, he took that which was written against us, all the evil ordinances that were written against us; evil programmes and nailed them to the cross. Every satanic programme needs to be deprogrammed by using the power of the blood of Jesus which was activated at the cross. We need to apply this in deprogramming every programme of hell. You can literally stop the devil’s programme from running in your family, in your business if you have this revelation. We have access. Our greatest asset is our access.

All power (not some) belongs to Jesus. Matt. 28:18, “And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.” Christians are supposed to be the people that call the shots but are they? You should be concerned because the wrong people are calling the shots and that is why the world is upside down. Political power is subject to spiritual power. It is only when you are conquered in the realm of the spirit that they can lord it over you politically.

If things are going wrong in your family, it is because you have not manifested. When will you manifest? The whole world is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God; let that manifestation start from you right now. Jesus did not depart with this power; he delegated it to the Church. It will start first and foremost from you – your personal relationship with God then to your ‘Jerusalem’, ‘in all Judea’, ‘in Samaria’ and then ‘unto the uttermost part of the earth’. Your life must be impactful because God has given us the power and he didn’t tell us to hoard it. It is the power to dominate our environment. To dominate our environment with the good news that ‘HE IS RISEN’.

PRAY:- Dear heavenly father I worship you. Jesus I praise and magnify your name. I thank you for the power you have given me to trample upon serpents and scorpions and power over all the power of he enemy. I celebrate your word that nothing shall by any means hurt me or any member of my family. I now use the power of the blood of Jesus to revoke and reverse every evil decision taken against me or any member of my family in the realm of spirit in the Name of Jesus Christ. I proclaim I have a wonderful inheritance. I am blessed beyond curse. Amen.


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