God has unclaimed blessings waiting for you. May God’s great plan for your life begin to unfold and move you forward into new levels of important and satisfying life in Jesus name. Amen.

Jabez was born and given a bad name. First and foremost, it was the circumstances of his birth that determined that name. There is something about names. For instance, the meaning of Jacob’s name is grabber and of course he lived his name, he was a grabber. Naomi and her husband Elimelech, named their sons Mahlon and Chillion which means prey and pining respectively and that was exactly what they were. Both of them died untimely. Names are prophetic. You can seal a destiny just by a name. Names give you identity. The name Solomon means peace and true to his name, king Solomon became the first king of Israel who reigned without going to war. Throughout the reign of Solomon, there was peace in Israel.

In my ministry, I have come across so many people with bad names but the good thing is that as soon as they changed their names, their destinies also changed. If you have a bad name, please change it. If you are married to a man with a bad name (when you marry, you marry into the assets and liabilities of the new relationship), please convince your husband to do the needful. When you change a bad name, you change your story. There was a particular man who had a bad name (the name was actually linked to a deity in his village), everything about this man had virtually collapsed; the devil stole so much from him: he lost his job, his wife also lost her job over time, he was afflicted and eventually he had a ghastly motor accident that left him with crutches. When he came for counseling, he narrated his ordeal to me and I asked for his name, when he told me his name, I immediately asked him to change it. He lamented that it was going to be very difficult for him to do that because of some obvious reasons and after that he left. By the time the man came back to see me things had degenerated from worse to worst but he told me that he was ready to change his name at that point. He told me the beautiful name he wanted to adopt and we did the change together first, spiritually after which he went and perfected the change of name. How can you bear the name of an idol and expect God to bless you? Deut. 12:1-4 warned that you must not even mention the names of idols. Whenever there is an evil seal, there is always a curse that follows it and for every curse there are demons that enforce it.

Not long after this encounter, the man’s fortunes turned around; he was completely healed and restored. God also blessed him with a very handsome baby boy. Change of name is change of destiny, change of story, change of seal.

ACTION POINT: If you have a bad name, do the needful; change it.

PRAY:- Dear Heavenly Father I worship and adore you in Jesus’ Name. I use the authority of the Name of Your dear Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth to change any thing that gives me an evil identity in the realm of the spirit. I proclaim I have a wonderful inheritance. I am blessed beyond curse in Jesus’ Name. Amen.


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