Sunday service



• May the Lord hold your hand in the mighty name of Jesus. The gates of blessing shall never be shut against you in Jesus’ name. The Lord will make a name for himself through the doors he will open before you this season in the name of Jesus.
• The hand of God will not only open doors of victories, doors of blessings, doors of favour, doors of generous provisions, doors of signs and wonders, doors of nations; He will ensure that these doors remain permanently open in the name of Jesus. You will enter and take possession of your blessings that were hidden, secret riches that were manipulated away from you.
• Whatever the enemy has tampered with and sealed; any concluded matter in the realm of the spirit against you, God himself will reach out and undo everything the enemy has done against the purpose of God in your life and He will put His signature there, in the mighty name of Jesus.
• Every gate of blessing that household wickedness has shut against you shall be opened by the hand of the almighty and God will take all the glory in the name of Jesus.

When God begins to bless you, nobody can stop you; your testimony will begin to draw many to God. The prophecy about Cyrus was actually fulfilled thousands of years after. That is one of the things that make me tremble at the word of God; it is only in the Bible that you will see prophecies that were fulfilled years back, prophecies that are fulfilling and prophecies that are about to be fulfilled. This should silence those who doubt the word of God. Whenever such people confront you, always remind them of fulfilled prophecies and the miracles that are taking place in the name of Jesus; this will silence them. It is only on the word of God that you can build your life and not make mistake; you can bet your life on the word of God. The hand of God will give you dominion. When the hand of God is on your life, even when you commit a blunder, it will turn out to be the solution required. Desire to see the hand of God in opening doors for you.

• Father, I need open doors that only you can unlock in the name of Jesus. Lord, go before me and open doors of blessings, doors of miracle, doors of signs and wonders which no man can shut. Let your mighty hand rest upon me to open gates of nations, gates of prosperity, gates of dominion, and gates of victory. Lord, I need open doors that only you can unlock. Open doors for me doors that no man can shut in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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