Sunday service


The secret of greatness is the hand of God. If the hand of God is upon your life, the circumstances of your birth will not define where you will end, you may experience some initial struggles but as you make progress, it will become obvious that there is a mark of distinction upon you and that mark of distinction is the seal of God. The spirit of the Lord is the spirit of greatness. One of the greatest prayers you can ever pray is ‘O God, may your hand be with me’. The hand of God is the seal of God and when the seal of God is upon your life, you will end well though the beginning may be rough but ultimately you will end up in the home of your owner; his hand will lift you to greater heights until you begin to have victory after victories.


  • Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, please put your seal of greatness upon my life. May your hand be stretched forth, O God, to make my life great, you are the greatest King of the whole universe, I ask you O God to lay your hand upon my life in the name of Jesus. Make my life great because I am connected to you.
  • I ask you O God, for the anointing of greatness; let it flow through me all the days of my life. Work out your plans for me, beautify my destiny and show me your glory in Jesus’ name.

2 Sam. 8:6, “David placed several army garrisons in Damascus and the Syrians became David’s subjects and brought him annual tribute money. So the Lord gave him victories wherever he turned.” The secret of David’s victory is the hand of God. May the anointing of sweatless victories and comprehensive dominion begin to flow into your life in the name of Jesus. The secret of this anointing is the Holy Ghost. There is an anointing that makes you unconquerable; this anointing transforms an ordinary person into an extraordinary person. There is an anointing that can transform you and cause you to have victory no matter where the battle is fought. As a result of this anointing, whenever your case is mentioned in any coven of darkness, the thunder of God’s power will reply them; if they summon you, they will see the blood of Jesus. Whatever they do against you will boomerang upon them. When you are operating in the highest whoever speaks against you will harvest what they say. The higher you climb, the more dangerous it becomes to pick on you. I decree that from today, any evil power that dares you will experience the boomerang anointing. In Jesus’ name. AMEN


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