Sunday service



  • Receive the seal of greatness. Everything you have shall become great and you shall no longer be treated like an orphan but like a prince or a princess, you will be treated like a child of the most high. You shall be not just be tolerated, you shall be celebrated, so shall it be in Jesus’ name.
  • God will enlarge your capacity for doing good, you will be remembered for good in the name of Jesus.
  • You will be a hand lifter, God will use you to lift people up and your hand will always be up in Jesus’ name.
  • Confess my hand shall not be slack because the hand of the almighty is upon me in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
  • Every blessing that the Lord gives me shall increase and multiply in my hand, the blessings of God that make rich and do not add sorrow shall increase and multiply in my life.
  • I receive the capacity to touch lives. My life shall be for global impact and I will not be a local champion. I receive the anointing for global impact in the name of Jesus; I receive the seal for global impact in the mighty name of Jesus.

The hand of God makes you a trail blazer and never a local champion. The hand of God upon your life will open the gates of nations for you. God is interested in nations and you will be part of it. The last paper I wrote during my final MBA examinations, Capital Market Operations, was very tough because the lecturer who set the questions was not the same lecturer that taught the course. When we received the question paper, to our surprise, we discovered that none of the things we were taught came out and so there was an uproar in the examination hall, the situation was tense and everyone was angry. I couldn’t join them to protest because I am a Pastor so I just prayed inside of me and asked the Holy Spirit to help me. After this short prayer, the Holy Spirit told me to write with residual knowledge and so while others were busy protesting in the hall, I started writing and the answers began to flow to the glory of God. That was how I scaled through and performed excellently in the examination. The hand of God will make you a prince or a princess in the realm of the spirit, when you move, angels will move with you in Jesus’ name. AMEN.


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