Many years back, a Ghanaian couple living in Lagos, Nigeria was attacked by armed bandits in the night after they successfully gained entry into the residence of the couple. One of the bandits brought out his gun and cocked it, immediately the woman saw what was about to happen she shouted, blood of Jesus’ just as the robber pulled the trigger. The bullet refused to     discharge. He tried it again a second time, the woman did the same thing and shouted, ‘blood of Jesus’, the bullet still refused to discharge. The robber tried it again a third time, the same thing happened, the woman shouted, ‘blood of Jesus’ and the bullet refused to discharge. At this stage, the robbers became confused and ran out of the apartment. On their way out of the building they say the security guard and out of frustration pulled the trigger, unfortunately, the bullet discharged and the man died on the spot while the robbers  escaped. Apparently, there were bullets in the gun all along but what stopped the bullet from discharging? The blood of Jesus Christ, of course. What would have happened if the woman had kept quiet and resigned to fate? Your guess is as good as mine. This miracle strengthened this couple so much that they became more committed to the work of God. The man eventually became a Sunday school superintendent while his wife rose to become the head of the women’s fellowship in their local Church before they eventually relocated to the United States of America. There is a time when you need to speak out, may you not keep silent at such a time in the mighty name of Jesus.

A lot of things happen to you in the dream that you have no control over. More often than not, things happen to you in the dream that all you needed was to call on the name of Jesus or just say the blood of Jesus but most often than not, you forget to do so. When the Lord began to train me in the area of spiritual warfare, I was having series of encounters some of which were terrible. During one of such encounters, I saw myself attending a massive crusade and after the message, the man of God who was ministering, a prominent evangelist, made an altar call but I noticed that some occultists beside me refused to yield the call so I tapped them and advised that they heed the call. Some of them actually went out and made decisions for Christ, I never knew that I had incurred the wrath of the group.

On getting home, I decided to just relax but to my surprise what I saw was a group of people in full regalia of their occult attire walking majestically towards me and taking position. My first instinct was to run, and I did run! I ran somewhere to hide from them but I noticed that they have a way of locating me no matter where I go and they are always boasting as they approach me. I continued to run until I found myself in on remote ancient village in Imo State, Eastern part of Nigeria. I was so happy there because I thought that I had escaped but to my greatest surprise, one day, I looked and saw them approaching me and as usual boasting as they came so I ran and continued running until I saw a very mighty tree and decided to climb the tree and hide there. I hid myself there but I could see them from afar off.

Sadly, they were able to locate me and they encircled the tree. It was at this point that scales fell off my eyes and then a holy anger welled up inside of me and I remembered the power in the name of Jesus. I gave a command, ‘in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, start burning’. Immediately, there were thunder strikes that sparked fire, they were all engulfed in fire and none of them escaped to the glory of God. It was at this point that the villagers gathered around me and started cheering me. Henceforth, may you not wait until the devil has chased you from anther to post before you remember the right command to use.  There is a command that can end all your battles. The battle of this world is fought with words.


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