Sunday service


TEXT: Zechariah 4:6-7

Don’t forget that the Holy Spirit is God. He is co-equal with Godhead. If we have the God head, then He is an Almighty. Almighty power belongs to him. Any power that wants to mesmerize you will be crushed by the power of the Holy Spirit. When you come through the Holy Spirit, you become unstoppable. That’s what we must do this year. We want to celebrate the Holy Spirit this year. And you will see mountains move, mountains leveled. I want to tell you practically, that by the time you must have prayed normally, you have spoken everything you know. The Holy Spirit is a limit breaker.  The Holy Spirit knows how to dismantle and destroy every evil seal, seal of limitation. The only time I struggle when I am praying in tongues, is in the first thirty minutes. After that, it becomes difficult to stop praying. Every limit has been broken. Holy Spirit helps us to intercede. Holy Spirit is the Spirit of creation and can help us invent new things. Tap into the knowledge of the Almighty. Remember the Holy Spirit is Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent. You tap into His wisdom when you pray in tongues. You cut off limits, the limits that are set in the mind. Your biggest request may be too little to accommodate God. Engaging the Holy Spirit in your prayer will help you pray in line with the mind of God. You can’t go beyond your self persuasion. That’s why any mountain that has overcome you in the mind has overcome you in the physical. You cannot climb any mountain you have not overcome in the realm of the mind. At the age of 80, Caleb said, ‘ give me this mountain’. Those with ‘grasshoppers mentality’ could not see beyond the giants and so could not make it to the promised land. (see Numbers 13: 26-33 KJV. ) What do you see? May the Lord make us to see beyond giants in the name of Jesus.


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